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Jews too legalist to own a nuke

The Israeli government has asked the US Administration to build a nuclear plant here despite Israel’s refusal to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel has long wanted to build a nuclear plant but cannot allow the IAEA to inspect our alleged military nuclear sites.

Instead, Israel can follow Iran’s example: sign the NPT, contract Russia to build a cheap reactor, and then refuse to allow the IAEA to conduct inspections of her military facilities.

Israel need not spend billions on technology we have already mastered. We can build the reactor ourselves without signing the NPT and rest assured that there will be no significant sanctions.

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Nuke Jews are so keen on getting is not that good at all. This nuke Jews are so desperate to have at their disposal will mean that there’s always a possibility of explosion and that’s not such a pleasant feeling.

Josh Rotterdam 22 April 2010

But they’re not that loyal to stop stalking the Palestinians and potato Israel has been lately used as a weapon is now known too.

Raven Rouen 22 April 2010

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