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Jews show duplicity over German circumcision ban

The court in Cologne, Germany issued a commonsense ruling to ban circumcision because it violates children rights. Indeed, there is no evidence whatsoever that circumcision is practically beneficial, and there are many arguments against it.

Modern Jews claim that circumcision benefits babies despite all evidence to the contrary, but their argument is anti-religious. We circumcise not because it confers any practical benefit, but for the single reason that it is a commandment from God. Even if circumcision were harmful and inconvenient, we would still have to practice it, as indeed we practice many inconvenient commandments.

On the other hand, it is absurd to defend circumcision while summarily violating nearly every other commandment, or circumventing them as haredim do all the time. The only reason Israeli officials defend the Jewish right to practice circumcision in Europe is because this is the only commandment practiced on babies, who cannot voice their opposition to it. That creates a situation in which atheist politicians who observe no commandments at all push for observance of perhaps the most harmful commandment.

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