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Jews guard their ghetto

In response to the barrage of rocket and mortar fire from Gaza, what did the Israeli government do? It did not bomb Hamas’ voters or even its administrative buildings. It did not cut power and water supply to the enemy’s territory.

Instead, Israelis still aflicted with their exile mentality concentrated on protecting their ghetto. The PM promised tough measures, and the defense minister ordered the deployment of Iron Dome batteries. Just as in Eastern Europe a century ago, Jews buried their heads in the sand and accepted enemy attack as inevitable.

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Journalist and researcher David Bedein tells us why Israel is not fighting incitement and Gaza terror. One of the reasons, and there are many, is the five billion profit in trade with the PA and Gaza. Why punish terrorists beyond a few hits at Gaza, without killing anyone if possible. Why terminate the contract that allows the PA to use Israeli-owned frequencies to disseminate vicious anti-Semitism. Why protest to the Europeans how PA-Gaza-Jerusalem Arab textbooks advocate murder and the destruction of the state of Israel. Looking the other way is so much more profitable for Israeli big business, such as the Milk conglomerate, the gasoline conglomerate, and the Kibutzim, all of them happily trading with terrorists, and having the the ear of the government. No wonder they voted against annexation last month. Readers should listen to the podcast of David Bedein’s Israel National Radio show of March 26. He urges Jews and the Israeli government to mobilize to stop PA TV and textbooks incitement. Will they?

Debbie 27 March 2011

what the hell is israel going to do just stand aside an be blown off the face of the earth . blow the pa off the face off the earth

ernie newglasgow 27 March 2011

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