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Jews evicted without court order

Israeli police razed several ‘illegal’ shacks and a synagogue near Hebron. Jewish pioneers were given just a ten-minute notice of eviction. Four Jewish families have been made homeless.

A day ago, the government razed a similarly unauthorized Bedouin settlement in Negev.

These things are only happen with Jews and somewhat loyal Bedouins. Illegal Arab structures are almost never demolished.

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The currant Government is afraid to fight. The last war with the Muslim ended without clear victory. World opinion Muslims wirh more support from Iran than the USA is helping Israel. We must return to the Torah and faith G-D will deliver us. Instead of trusting in Americans Israel needs to Call on Adonai. As it was in the begining so shall it be in the end. Is there any true Prophet of Adonai in Israel? Call upon the Lord Y-H-M-H !!!

Benaiah Israel Sacramento,California 16 September 2010

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