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Jews break up Palestinian press conference in Tel Aviv

An Israeli Arab doctor, Izz ad Din Abu al Aish, lost his children in an IDF strike on Gaza. According to the doctor, they were involved in “peace work.” You bet. So the doctor, named after Izz ad Din Kassam, an archetypal Jew-hater, called a press conference in Sheba Hospital near Tel Aviv, where he said openly that “peace” is his weapon.

A few normal Jews, including a mother of three paratroopers, ended the show.

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I have always had strong pro-Jewish sentiments because I felt the holocaust should never happen to anyone. Now that goodwill is eroding faster than it can ever be replenished! I pray Israel will stop all these overkill tactics in dealing with a recalcitrant neighbor and be more humane and fair! From a distance Jehovah God Almighty is looking and He I bet is wondering whether we humans of this time are worth preserving!

back2basics59 taiwan 17 January 2009

I won’t call someone who fires rockets at your kindergartens “a recalcitrant neighbor”

admin 18 January 2009

The feelings of Jews are clear but breaking up over Judaism shouldn’t be a reason at all. After all this Arab lost his children!That’s why breaking up over Judaism his conference can hardly be justified.

Boden Richland 21 April 2010

If Arabs dare have conferences in Israel then the Are the Jews who are in Israel today real Jews doesn’t make any sense at all.

Issac Rifle 21 April 2010

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