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Jews and Palestinians hate Obama alike

In the newest Pew Research poll 5 percent of Palestinians, as opposed to 84 percent of Israelis, view the United States as a strategic partner.

In recent years the number of Palestinians who support US anti-terrorism efforts increased five-fold: from two to ten percent.

Sixty-three percent of Israelis and sixty-eight percent of Palestinians detest American economic influence.

Seventy-five percent of Palestinians have no confidence in Obama. Fifteen percent of Palestinians view the US favorably.

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Israel hates Obama as many other countries do. It’s problematic to like such country as the US because of their constant interference into other people’s business. Besides, Israel hates Obama because of their support of Arabs.

Braxton Reykjavik 21 April 2010

Israeli Jews hate everyone but themselves since definitely there’re no other people as good as they are.

Keith Rhinelander 21 April 2010

Israelis hate Obama after all this troubles they have from Americans when it comes to some weapons. Yankis only promise but never do what they have promised.The fact that Israelis hate Obama has some grounds for it.

Barak Rockford 21 April 2010

Not only Israel is dissatisfied with the US and their policy. The question why why Norwegians don’t protest is interesting for many countries. So, it’s not only about Israel and Palestine but about the juxtaposition of the US and the whole world.

Rory VIP Rogers 21 April 2010

Jews hate Obama because Americans have always considered it to be their duty to interfere into everything they can as far as Israel is concerned. That’s why Jews hate Obama like many other countries all over the world do.

Griffin Roundup 22 April 2010

Besides Americans prevent Israel fro getting the nuke Jews have been dreaming about.

Frank Rowland_Heights 22 April 2010

Maariv seems to be spreading animosity and scorn as “Jewishness” aimed always at hurting their detractors, whether valid critique with good reasoning or rants at zionism without meaning,any voice against Eretz Israeli authority over any other ideal is hated.

Pardon my intrusion where perhaps my sentiments are unwelcome, but how is Israel to find love if even those who seek justice from zionism are hated because they seek fairness from Israel rather than the usual casual arrogance and scorn that seems to draw hatred to Jews in a cycle set be their right winged albatross called Israel.

Israel could be beautiful but not with all of this ribald and unflinching lashing out against the single source of their continued existence as a people and nation with security, a future and some dignity. Americans, The USA and Christians a plenty have helped Israel as has the democratic party to which all of this ire is aimed and what do they have as their reward for such support, Here is Maariv biting the hand that feeds it as if there is no tomorrow between the US and Israel and to my mind, there may not be a tomorrow, especially when and if the GOP takes hold of the USA hook line and sinker, think out it…

Bush drew such universal contempt for his right winged brand of zionism that the anticipation of his party doing so again is palpably voiced by true Israeli Jewish advocate Naomi Wolf, citing that Lieberman Cantor and their calls for wikileaks to be targeted for assasination and decimation is an erosion of truth, free speech and justice for known criminals within known cabals in international injustices, Wolf sees 20/20 what are the comments and this article saying but that Maariv is leading the blind into that ditch by sewing hatred as the only defense of a hateful people to which I reply, hate makes Jews weak, to ask them to hate more of their past friends because these friends dont act like slaves to Israel is self defeating and also quite stupid.

Maariv is drawing hatred out of and also towards Jews which to my way of thinking is the devils work and it leads not to heaven nor peace on earth but to horrid and ultra hot war.

jerrygates7 WestChesterPaUSAearth 11 December 2010

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