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Jews always owe someone

Bedouin village in NegevThe State Comptroller issued a report criticizing the government for its failure to provide adequate infrastructure and other services to some 50,000 Negev Bedouins.

It speaks of Jewish madness that the comptroller wants the government to increase its services to residents of mostly illegal villages constructed on huge swathes of state land. A sensible solution would be to evict the squatters, but Jews are too nice for that.

The comptroller was not bothered by the fact that the Bedouins in question pay almost zero taxes. Moreover, they receive vast subsidies because their multiple wives are registered as single mothers.

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We visited Israel in Nov. this year and you are correct the JEWs are real nice people. And most. Arabs that work for a living are also. But maybe as an American I know Israel belongs to the Jews , so STOP giving in and givng up. G_D gave it to you to protect and DEFEND .!!!

william jackson 28 December 2011

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