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Jewish vigilantes attack illegal African pub

Driving by on a motorcycle, terrorists threw a firecracker into Zegeta pub in South Tel Aviv. Following the incident, police told the pub owner to close the place.

The pub, open late into the night, attracted scores of African illegals, but the police did not intervene to enforce the law and protect the peace in the poor neighborhood.

There is little doubt that the forty-four-year-old Jewish mother who was brutally murdered at the Tel Aviv central bus station last week died at the hands of the African criminals who control the area. In May alone Arabs staged dozens of arsons in southern Jerusalem.

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Wow,a fire cracker.hope no one got killed

Joseph Rochester 17 June 2012

How do we know it was anti-African Jews involved in the attack? Most likely it was the act of leftists wanting RACIST JEWS headlines on the international media.

What Jews need to do is to increase the pressure on the government not to incarcerate infiltrtors but to deport them now – not later.

This incarceration is a ruse to keep the Africans in Israel, to be released later on on humanitarian grounds – and under “inernational pressure” of course.

Whoever does not have the legal right to be in Israel should be deported now.

Those with legitimate claims for refuge, should be handed over to UNRWA.

Canadian Otter 17 June 2012

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