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Jewish teens arrested for protecting girls

Israeli police arrested 8 courageous Jewish teens in Jerusalem who countered Arab residents. Jews even managed to stub an Arab lightly. The Arabs constantly stalk young Jewish girls in the neighborhood. The problem is that so long as Arabs don’t yet rape Jewish girls, police cannot do anything about them, and after the crimes they promptly escape.

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Even in Israel stalking is a crime and in the scenario of that sort one can include terroristic threatening as well.
Simple really,, reaffirm our policy of destroying the evil beginnings, the origins. Just destroy their neighborhoods, since that is where it all starts, one neighborhood at a time,, they will stop.

Emeq Hawaii 08 May 2008

israel embassy
israel embassy

Zello 11 May 2008

Israeli teens arrested isn’t fair but it’s not fair either that the police don’t care. The government should work much harder to solve the problems like this and isolate Arabs from Jerusalem at all.Israeli teens arrested shows how underdeveloped Israel is.

Tavin Redding 20 April 2010

Israel can’t take care of David Ginzburg’s manuscripts and here are Arabs. Jews should really wait till some crime is committed.

Jai Redondo_Beach 20 April 2010

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