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Jewish suckers to pay $25 billion for our own gas

The Power Authority has approved gas purchases from the Tamar gas field by Israel’s two power companies. The two contracts are valued at $25 billion. We are buying our own gas from the oligarchs at the world market’s prices even while the IDF defends the field from Turkey and Hezbollah.

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Welcome to the world in the U.S. foreign companies suck our oil and gas up and We too pay top dollar. These companies should guarantee the country they draw their wealth from low Prices on the n.g.& gasoline diesel fuels unlimited plus pay for all exported to other countries.

fangs out 17 June 2012

Israel needs to set the contracts details to provide oil from its own fields to the people of Israel (govt) at cost, and every one else can buy it at fair world
market value. Israelites should get it at a discounted price.

Paul 19 June 2012

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