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Jewish snobs are happy with Obama

The 10,000-strong AIPAC conference lauded Obama heartily. The ostensibly right-wing pro-Israel lobby has forgiven the US president for his support for the ayatollahs, for ousting Mubarak, and for pushing Israel toward capitulation.

For his part, Obama has changed his position again. Now he does not call for a Palestinian state in 1967 borders, but for a state whose borders have been adjusted based on demographic changes. The settlement blocs, needless to say, are the smallest problem here: whether 8- or 30-mile-wide, Israel is indefensible, facing nuclearized Iran and Saudi Arabia, and surrounded by countries dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama at AIPAC conference

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I feel like I’m on the twilight zone. Has the world gone mad?

Ubi 23 May 2011

Keep your friends close your enemies even closer.

Richard Miller Denver 23 May 2011

AIPAC are a front for DemocRATs who invited this Jew hating Muslime to speak his hatred to them.

Uzitiger RamatGan 24 May 2011

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