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Jewish politician embraces Hamas

David Martin AbrahamsDavid Martin Abrahams, a UK businessman whose political donations have created not a few scandals, met in Hebron with Dwaik, Hamas’ speaker in the Palestinian parliament.

Typically of peace mavens, Abrahams grew dissatisfied with Fatah over Arafat’s unwillingness to implement the Oslo Accords, but drew the wrong conclusions. Instead of pronouncing the peace process dead, he turned to Hamas for its implementation.

Sensitive to Western media, Dweik announced that Hamas is ready to recognize Israel and renounce the provisions in its charter calling for our extermination. As if the divinely sanctioned Jewish state needs recognition from terrorists. Dweik forgot to say that this recognition would only follow Israel’ abandonment of Jerusalem and acceptance of millions of Palestinian refugees.

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David Martin Abrahams definitely takes too much on himself. Being a businessman but a politician, he happens to know nothing about the political situation in the country. David Martin Abrahams shouldn’t be definitely allowed to represent the country on a such high level.

Jomei Rawalpindi 20 April 2010

Jews critise minaret ban in Oslo but accept the strange behaviour of this strange guy.

Elon Rawlins 20 April 2010

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