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Jewish oligarchs will lobby EU

The European Jewish Congress, which is headed by ultra-corrupt Russian-Jewish oligarch Vyacheslav Kantor, has established a lobbying office in Brussels. Heralded as Europe’s AIPAC, it is nothing of the sort, but is rather Kantor’s private office to be used for bolstering his position in Europe.

Like many other Jewish oligarchs (notably Bronfmans), Kantor uses his Jewish office for personal gain. By heading the EJC he made inroads into the EU establishment.

Rabbi Kahane called them Jewish barons, for just like barons they are self-appointed and do not represent the Jewish masses.

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Only when they will be forced to make bricks without straw will those Jews complain.
Until than thier fat stomachs full, they feel so secure that they cannot remember the past reality !

And of course they do not represent the majority of Jews. They are a fringe group …and they have choices.
They can live any where in the world they choose.
Except the Arab Middle East where almost 1000,000 Arab Jews have been Ethnically Cleansed. Just for being Jews.

Ahmad Yaqeen 27 October 2009

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