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Jewish money buys land for Arabs

The Jewish National Fund has exchanged 17,000 acres of land with the government. Instead of the astronomically priced land in central Israel, JNF will receive worthless areas in Galilee and the Negev.

The deal allows the government to pass the lands developed by JNF to Arabs. Private Jews donate money to JNF to develop Israeli lands. Then the Arabs step in and demand to lease the developed lands. The Supreme Court ordered the JNF to lease the lands to Arabs. Such leasing runs contrary to JNF’s charter and purpose, and would undermine the stream of Jewish donations.

So the government devised an exchange by which JNF gives up the lands it has developed, and the government rather than JNF leases them to the Arabs. Jews can continue donating to JNF, enabling it to develop new areas—which again will be passed over to the government and surrendered to Arabs.

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