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Jewish kids trash pro-PLO store

Four young members of the almost-defunct Jewish Defense League were arrested in France after trashing a store in Paris, which was engaged in anti-Israeli incitement.

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it’s unclear why a PLO-store caused such a strange reaction. These guys were in France, not in Israel. Europe is not supposed to hate Arabs as Jews do. For damaging this PLO-store, they should be definitely penalized.

Kieran Quincy 20 April 2010

Furious Jews are pests for the whole world|!

Arian Quito 20 April 2010

Pro-PLO store must have been something outrageous to make people behave like this. But how can then people try to tolerate Jews if they feel free to devastate a Pro-PLO store?

Rinji Randolph 20 April 2010

U.S. international arrests woman and that doesn’t cause so much concern as this store does.

Adahy Rangeley 20 April 2010

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