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Jewish kids arrested for retaliating against Arabs

Jews throw stones at Arabs

Israeli police arrested nine Jews, aged fifteen and older, for attacking Arabs, throwing stones at them, and allegedly burning their cars in Nazareth.

Throughout the country, Arabs daily commit similar acts against Jews, but the police do not act in any case short of murder.

The government’s refusal to expel Israeli Arabs has created an unbearable situation in the mixed Jewish-Arab town of Nazareth, where Arabs continually attack Jews. The Jewish kids who stood up against the Arab mob must be honored as heroes.

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You can hardly blame the Jewish kids for retaliating when the arab kids have continually being carrying out acts of aggression and vandalism towards the Israelis. The problem is caused by the example of their muslim parents and teachers. They teach them to hate the Jews from a very young age and would never be checked, but applauded when they carry out these acts of aggression against their Jewish neighbours.
I don`t know the answer except to say both sides should be stopped and reprimanded by the police.

Carole ColwynBay 15 February 2009

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