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Jewish hero treated worse than Arabs

Igal AmirPetah Tikva court rejected a petition by Yigal Amir to let him pray in minyan.

Yigal, convicted of assassinating Yitzhak Rabin, is the longest-serving solitary confinement prisoner in Israeli history, and perhaps in the history of any civilized country. He is allowed to meet one prisoner, a different one each time, three times a week for one hour.

The prohibition of minyan severely curtails his religious rights while Arab terrorists nearby pray as they wish and generally enjoy life with cell phones and satellite TV. Shabak alleges that Yigal would indoctrinate other prisoners during his minyan sessions. If such is his ability, he must be made our Foreign Minister. And Arab terrorists haggling together—they, of course, do not indoctrinate each other, according to Shabak’s logic.

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