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Jewish groups fight American government religious spending

The infamous Anti-Defamation League and American Jewish Committee, who claim to represent American Jews, decry the Supreme Courtís ruling that allows the US government to fund faith-based programs. The Jewish organizations never argued against Jewish tax money used to fund Christian programs, but rather oppose the governmentís minuscule financing of Jewish religious education.
The Diaspora organizations seek to secularize and assimilate Jewish community, and religious education is the worst enemy of the Jewish political barons.

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As usual, Jews tend to exaggerate everything. Why would American Jews be against religious spending? It’s hard to think about any Jew who would support assimilation. That’s why it’s illogical to say that some of them are against religious spending on education traditional for Jews.

Xanti Pueblo 20 April 2010

Israelis are always much more interested in things taking place abroad than in their own country. A farmer shoots burglar in Israel. And this is not the only case of the kind.But definitely it’s more important to discuss some hypothetical spendings on some hypothetical education.

Schyler Puerto_Montt 20 April 2010

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