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Jewish farmer shoots Arab burglar

A farmer in Ben Shemen settlement acted in compliance with the “Shai Dromi” law. In an unusual feat of common sense, the Knesset has recently made it legal to shoot burglars if the resident believes that he is acting in self-defense. The bill effectively shifts the burden of proof onto burglars.
The farmer, Shai Dromi, became famous after he was put in jail for shooting an Arab burglar, one of the thousands of Arabs who make the lives of Jewish farmers unbearable. Police cannot prosecute that many cases, especially when the victims come from Arab villages, themselves off-limits to Jewish police. The farmers have to take matters of defense into their own hands.
Jewish medics are now treating the Arab burglar, one of three attackers, at public expense.

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The fact that a farmer shoots burglar is not that pleasant. But if the government can’t cope with the task themselves, there’s nothing left to do. But people from all over the world will definitely say that if a farmer shoots burglar, he must be definitely imprisoned.

Cale Provo 20 April 2010

If Jews welcome homosexuals, why should they take to jail a guy who shoots an Arab. Because the latter is natural, while the former is something unacceptable.

Reizo Prudhoe_Bay 20 April 2010

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