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Jewish craze: soldiers throw stones at Palestinians

Arabs throwing rocksThe IDF suspended a junior officer for failing to report a shooting incident. Actually, there is more to the story.

According to the Palestinian video—which, though inadmissible in any court proceedings, was taken by the army at face value—several Arabs attacked the soldier with stones. The Jew, fearing punishment if he were to shoot back, started throwing stones at them. A soldier, yes. He also had to fire a few shots to discourage the Arabs from lynching him.

Fearing punishment for defending himself against Arabs, the Jew did not report the incident. Which, to the army, is also a crime.

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Arabs have no respect for law & order , or anything civilized, they are convinced Jews must die how can the Jewish people adapt to people who are NOTHING BUT Anever ending threat TO THEIR LIVES.

fangs out 15 June 2012

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