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Jewish British MP accuses Israel of exploiting Holocaust

Gerald Kaufman Britain’s Jewish MP accused Israel of exploiting the Holocaust to murder innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Gerald Kaufman compared IDF to you know who.

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What a schmuck!
Britain has seen a troubling rise in Antisemitism recently, so I suppose this meshugganah is just grasping at straws to maintain/gain some popularity there.

natassja usa 16 January 2009

The fact that Jews have been exploiting holocaust isn’t new. No one can deny the great number of victims who were killed by Nazis. But after that Jews have killed perhaps as much Palestinians. But no one speaks about Palestinian holocaust. Only Jews enjoy exploiting holocaust.

Cian Primghar 19 April 2010

Perhaps current UNHRC mission will be successful and Jews will relax a bit and forget for a moment about holocaust.

Emery Prince_Albert 19 April 2010

Gerald Kaufman is absolutely right to make this announcement. Jews are similar to Ukrainians who have pested the world with the discussions of the deliberate starvation in Ukraine in the 30-s. No one denies its existence but everyone is tired of discussion as Gerald Kaufman fairly points out.

Jaydon Puerto_Real 20 April 2010

Jews seem to be constantly displeased by literally everything even when it comes to some positive changes like religious spending in the US Jewish organization, for example.

Cash Putnam 20 April 2010

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