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Jewish Agency advocates reforming Judaism

Jewish Agency’s boss Zeev Bielsky demanded that Israel recognizes Reform and Conservative Judaism. Reform Judaism has no obligatory laws whatsoever; its follower can reject every commandment and still be considered a Jew or even a convert to Judaism. Conservative Judaism has no centralized tenets: every half-educated Conservative rabbi can make his own rules that suit the congregation that hired him. Both Reform and Conservative movements ordain gays and lesbians as rabbis.

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As opposed to our beloved Torah-true uber-frum Yiddishkeit, where every half-educated Orthodox rabbi will defend whatever hairbrained minhag he’s ever come across under the banner of Torah Hashem mi-Sinai.

As opposed to the infallible, state-sponsored (and barely given lip-service) Judaism, which not only holds on to halacha that causes people real suffering (agunot, Orthodox-only marriages, etc), but puts it into official law. This despite the fact that a plurality of the country is secular.

Gays? Oh no! Run for the hills! Somebody grab some torches, some old tires, and some plastic garbage bins. We’ll those them who’s boss.

Here’s a news flash: Despite the best wishes of Israel, there aren’t that many olim coming any more. Part of that is that a great many of the Diaspora Jews aren’t Orthodox, have no intention of becoming such, and have no desire to live in a country where their practices are maligned and where they are forced to go through state-sponsored Orthodox institutions. Until that changes, expect the olim stream to continue to dwindle. If Israelis would rather remain ideologically pure then get more immigrants, go for it. They can deal with the “demographic problem” vis-a-vis the Arabs on their own. The only way they’re going to get more people at this stage, barring a new Kristalnacht, is to abolish the Orthodox monopoly over the country. Period.

Friar Yid friaryid.blogspot.com 23 June 2007

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