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Jerusalem court hands down a milestone order on outposts

Judge Moshe Drori ruled the destruction of Federman’s Farm near Hebron by Israeli police illegal. Though the judge could have reached the decision based on several technical errors in the eviction paperwork, he opted for a broad opinion. Judge Drori noted that the police evicted Federman’s family in the middle of the night because he allegedly built his farm in a closed military zone. That’s a common reasoning for destroying the outposts: since they take empty no-man’s land, there are no legal grounds to evict them and the Jewish army arbitrarily declares their land “a closed military zone.”

But, notes Judge Drori, the only legal reason for declaring empty land where no military base stands “a closed military zone” is to prevent terrorist infiltration into the existing Jewish villages. Under no circumstances could the pioneers, the Federmans in particular, be considered a security threat to other Jewish villagers. The outpost pioneers, therefore, must not be evicted from closed military zones. Federman, his wife, and their nine small children were evicted in a surprise police attack at one thirty in the morning, which the leading rabbis compared to Nazi pogroms.

Judge Drori’s reasoning is refreshingly logical, and for this reason the leftist Supreme Court might reverse it. The Jewish State’s Defense Minister, a traitor named Barak, has vowed to appeal Judge Drori’s decision. Indeed, when Barak’s ceasefire has failed in Gaza, Hezbollah stockpiles 42,000 rockets, Syria has added a thousand mid-range missiles to its arsenal, and Iran is working on a nuclear bomb, that scum of a defense minister has no bigger problem than a tiny hamlet where a Jewish family wants to live?

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Federman Israel decision shouldn’t cause so much surprise at all as well as irony on the part of the author. There’s not much free and unoccupied alnd in Israel and if a family is courageous enough to live so closely to Arabs, that’s the fault of the government. Federman Israel decision shows how heavy living conditions are for the native population of the country.

Donovan Port_Huron 19 April 2010

Jews complain that for the world Japan is important than Israel. But it looks as if Jews are not important in their country at all. What then can you expect from the world?

Andrea Portsmouth 19 April 2010

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