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JCF Treason

from MAOZ

To the Jewish Community of the San Francisco Bay Area:

Jewish Club Maoz regretfully marks the changing of the guard at the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation. We have previously opposed their support for giving away Jewish land for a `two-state solution’ to Arab aggression, funneling Jewish donations to support Arab causes in Israel, its blind and unyielding support for the leadership of the Israeli government regardless of its immoral expulsion of Jews from our homeland, and their treatment of YESHA Jewish residents as second class citizens.

The Federation claims to give `continuity to Jewish values’ (http://www.sfjcf.org/aboutjcf/OurMission.asp), but has consistently
ignored the three pillars of Judaism: Torah, Jewish People and Jewish Land. They have alienated the religiously observant of our community by forging political alliances with those who spit on our traditions.
The Federation uses funds donated in good faith by those who believe that they are fostering Jewish traditions to fund `progressive’ causes. We urge you to look on their own web site (http://www.sfjcf.org/howthemoney/programs/) to see for yourself just how Jewish the programs they fund truly are.

Many understand that the label `progressive’ is just a code word for `socialist’, which is an ideology in direct opposition to traditional Judaism. The `progressives’ have finally tipped their hand openly by the appointment of the new CEO.

Daniel J. Sokatch has been named Chief Executive Officer of the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties (JCF) effective July 15, 2008. He will oversee the Federation’s staff of 105, and its four satellite offices located in the Federation’s service areas and Israel.

With such friends, who needs enemies!

We urge the many who perform tzedaka in the tradition of our fathers to do so with open eyes. Investigate what is being done with your well-intentioned donations. If you truly support Jewish continuity, we urge you to give directly to organizations that you believe further this goal. Don’t fall for slick, big-budget advertisements or self-aggrandizing gala awards dinners. The money spent on that could be better spent on the true needs of our community.

Below is a little history on your new Federation CEO and his fellow travelers. You will notice a recurring theme of far left political
activism and the twisting of traditional Jewish values to whatever they now promote as `social justice’.

`Forward’ says this about him: http://dev.launch-box.net:10000/article.aspx?CID=1&ID=147

He’s mentioned in http://www.think-israel.org/neuwirth.peacecamp.html as part of radical left

He’s among the active supporters for Michael Lerner http://www.commondreams.org/headlines03/0211-09.htm

He defends Arab domination of the Temple Mount:
“Rabbi Jacobs, Sokatch and Dr. Maher Hathout, senior adviser to MPAC, concurred in denouncing Israeli right-winger Ariel Sharon for provoking the Palestinian uprising Sept. 28 when he walked on the Muslim’s sacred Haram al-Sharif.”


He is an avid supporter of illegal immigration to the US
Scroll down to “Jewish groups join rallies for illegals”


He is a supporter of Gay Marriage



He is a defender of anti-Israel Islamists


The Stalinist founded ACLU loves him



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Ya pays ur money, ya takes ur chances.
These are the same ones who are perfectly content to remain in mitzraim.
The very same ones who bow low to any old piece of gold.
The same who sit and watch their daughters gang raped and their sons hacked to pieces and dragged through the street and bemoan the fact that they didn’t have more dialog with the enemy.
The very same who look down their noses because one doesn’t have the “correct” PhD in their moniker.
Liberal thought is only liberal if you think their thought.
Open minded is being open to their way of life.
I am reminded: Aliyah is our choice, for now. When push comes to shove, in times yet to come, you will have a choice, get on the plane, or boat and GO HOME! It will be an imperative, not a suggestion. Then those in the Diaspora will further bemoan those days as well and sit and dialog to consensus and conclude “it’s the religionists” “it’s all their fault”. And still, we will open our hearts, our homes, our closets and our pantry’s to care for our fellow Jews. We will yet find them complaining all the way to the point of the arab knives.

Emeq Hawaii 14 April 2008

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