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Japan is important, Israel is not

The world went crazy over a North Korean test of a ballistic missile; the UNSC is conducting a security session.

Now any well-funded terrorist group can buy a ballistic missile with a plutonium warhead from North Korea.

When Iran tested a similar rocket, which clearly endangers Israel, the Western response was none.

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By “Japan is important, Israel is not,” do you mean because the media coverage over Japan freaking out about North Korea before any launch actually occurred?

So, because Israel is conscientous about Iran and intends preemptive measures, and since somehow Japan is viewed as being preemptive, there is comparative value?

I disagree.

Intel suggests that N. Korea is launching ballistic satellite, not missile.

Japan shares borders with N. Korea.

Hardly a Western response.

ME 05 April 2009

Japan is important in comparison with Israel since it’s one of the countries where major technological development happens nowadays.And Jews are Arabs themselves. Japan is important for the whole world while Israel is important for itself only.

Blaine Port_Arthur 19 April 2010

Very few people feel any respect towards Jews after such incidents as at Jaffa School, for instance. The people who can’t cope with their enemies are not interesting for the society.

Ezra Portland 19 April 2010

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