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It's okay: Ecuador recognizes Palestine

Ecuador has followed other Latin American countries and awarded full diplomatic recognition to the Palestinian state in its 1967 borders.

This is actually good for Jews: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is being redefined from a war between colonizers and aborigines—the later to be caressed and protected—into a quarrel between two states over an arcane border dispute. With Palestinian independence proclaimed, the mission can be over for leftists who find it hard to argue in favor of a state.

Funny enough, Ecuador recognized Palestine in its 1967 borders without specifying whether it recognizes the pre-June 4 or post-June 4 line.

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ecuador an the other south american country’s are wrong the palestinian did not claim the 1967 borders at that time. jordan is there country

ernie newglasgow 25 December 2010

It doesn’t matter, what matters is that Palestine will be a country again and no one will be able to treat them like animals (I’m being kind) ever again. The Jews are no saints they have compassion for no one but themselves! I used to be for Israel but NEVER again I will not back a government that is so horrible, liars and criminals. Israel took away the homes, land, jobs, hope of the Palestinian people. Israel cares only for land and money they treat everyone else like dogs. I’m thrilled the South American countries have recognized Palestine the rest of the world will also.

Next the USA needs to stop giving billions to Israel let them stand on their own if they are so great and brave. Let’s see if what you have done to the Arabs wont come back to bite you in the @ss! You reap what you sow and to expect a people to thank you for the wrongs you have done them is preposterous!

Also Ernie when you type someones name or the name of a country you use upper case.

Gena LosAngeles 03 June 2011

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