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Israelis will no longer subsidize Gaza

Israeli government finally declared Gaza enemy territory, two years late. Thousands of rockets and mortar shells were launched at Israel from Gaza.
Olmert’s government adopted a plan previously denounced as right-wing nut scheme of cutting electricity supply to Gaza. Israel will still supply her enemies with water. Gazans donít pay for the electricity, and Israeli government covers the costs from Israeli taxpayers’ money while continuing tax transfers to Palestinian Authority.
Israeli cessation of electricity supply to Gaza will cause outrage among human rights organization and cannot last long. It’s mainly designed to press foreign governments into intervening with Hamas to temporarily stop rocket attacks on Israel.
UN envoy already condemned cutting electricity supply to Gaza as violation of international law. The loony UN considers Gaza an Israeli-occupied territory even after Israeli disengagement from Gaza two years ago. Equally loony Israeli Supreme Court is also unlikely to approve cutting fuel and electricity supply to Gaza. Fatah and Hamas decry the Israeli decision. Israeli move is coordinated with the US; Rice called Gaza “hostile territory to us [Americans] as well” but decried suffering of “innocent Palestinians” (who voted Hamas into power).
Even though Gazans overwhelmingly voted for Hamas, leftists consider sanctions against Gaza an illegal collective punishment. Leftists will embrace the occupation controversy to strengthen their calls for Palestinian statehood which would allow Israel to impose sanctions in accordance with international law. Israel, however, only needs to abandon formal restrictions at the crossings with Gaza in order to end the status of occupation. Informal restrictions, such as hours-long border searches, will work as well.
Israel will also close the crossing from Gaza. That moves conforms to Rabin’s idea of closing Gazans off like spiders in a can.

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