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Israelis apologize over Virgin Mary

Israeli talk show host Lior Shlein thought he has found a way to sting the Vatican over its Holocaust-denying bishops and naturally anti-Semitic attitudes. Shlein, a Jew in a Jewish state, expressed doubt about Mary—a Jewess—being a virgin, and another Jew named Jesus walking on water.

Now, this is not Holocaust denial, this is serious. The Vatican issued a formal complaint to the Jewish state over its refusal to recognize Mary’s virginity. Shlein apologized. In Galilee, Christians rioted.

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Error. Shlain is a shmock. He mocked about another beliefs for free. Why he did not mock about mohammad? Now, thanks to Shlain, half world feels free to mock hebrew beliefs. True he can say what he wants, but what he did it’s tasteless. You can NOT agree with idolatrous beliefs in Israel, but why ridiculize them? That is called be an idiot. Every single western paper is publishing the article by now.

chaim 21 February 2009

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