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Israeli students: religious Jews worse than Arabs

Yeshiva studentsStudents of Hebrew University, Tel Aviv, and Bar Ilan universities protested the government’s decision to offer a modest stipend to yeshiva students. Married men with children who study in yeshiva will be receiving meager $300 per month.

Subsidizing those Jews who refuse to work for living might well be wrong, but atheistic students are fine with stipends paid to Arab students. In fact, government subsidies to universities greatly exceed stipends.

Arabs are no less spongers than yeshiva students. Some 60% of female Arab graduates do not work. Arab men mostly work in the black-market economy without paying taxes. Many of them never use their university degree because they never really studied: afraid of charges of racism, professors greatly relax examination standards for Arabs. Economically, stipends and subsidies for Arab education are just as worthless as for haredim.

Meir Kahane thundered that Israeli universities will breed the next generation of the PLO leaders. Revolutions, he said, do not come from the numb and the dumb, but from the educated class. And so Israel pays to raise a generation of her bitter enemies.

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