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Israeli rich are not so rich

The richest 100 Israelis own 258 billion shekels in assets, which translates to about $10,000 per each Israeli.
While their leeching off the Jewish state is disgusting, the amount of possible redistribution is clearly not worth a socialist revolution, and the evils of capitalism are not that great.

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If Israeli rich people are not that rich, it’s positive in fact. If Israeli rich people were really rich, it would be extremely difficult to keep the country under control.

Grayson Pearce 15 April 2010

Nevertheless those people are still rich enough to take care of railway Israel security as well as many other things. But unfortunately they don’t seem to bother.

Rocco Pembina 15 April 2010

Why are Israelis so rich, or at least some of them, is very interesting and thought-provoking. But if you really try to answer it, right at once extremely unpleasant thoughts comr to your head. Perhaps it’s better not to ask Why are Israelis so rich at all.

Payton Pocomoke_City 17 April 2010

Perhaps Jews are not tha rich as some Russian mates are but if they support Al Jazeera probably that’s the answer and Arabs are somehow responsible for their high income.

Addergoole Pohnpei 17 April 2010

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