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Israeli media support Al Jazeera

Local media lambasted border policemen who—oh, horror—held an Al Jazeera crew at a checkpoint for two hours because Jerusalem is closed to northern Arabs due to riots.

A normal country would have banned the terrorist TV station, but in Israel Al Jazeera is accredited and allowed to attend the prime minister’s briefings.

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Israeli media surprise a lot but on the other hand if Jews pretend to be democratic, then Israeli media had all the rights to be indignant.

Amadi Pagan_Island 15 April 2010

Media lambasted the policeman but why when the Jewish government spreads rumours that Israel S-300 anti-aircraft missile system is the coolest in the world, the media keep quiet?

Scott66 Pago_Pago 15 April 2010

Support Al Jazeera gets from the Jews can be compared to nothing else. Arabs must be laughing a lot as Israelis first fight with them but then get home, turn on TV and thus support Al Jazeera or even contribute to its high ratings.

Suzu Plymouth 17 April 2010

Jews must be hoping that new Tavor will be able to show the Arabs what is their place.

Carson @@@ Pocatello 17 April 2010

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