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Israeli honor is not for Germans

In a symbolic gesture, Germany’s FM will meet Palestinian negotiator Erekat in Jerusalem.

Israel traditionally bans Palestinian official functions in Jerusalem, but the prohibition was lifted for the Germans.

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That goes to show that for the Ashenazi jews, the Germans are still the Masters. And the Germans still do whatever they want with their Jewish subjects.
Can any one argue against thei point based on this information????

Joe sydney 08 November 2010

What’s happening to this country? Has Israel completely lost its balls (or its mind?) Between the concessions to terrorist demands, giving up land, kowtowing to the demands of that criminal Obama, illegals flooding the country, now this (why give the Germans anything?) I can understand why even native-born Israelis say this country is not going to last. Our leaders need to get tough, really tough, and quit worrying what the world will say. We voted for them, they should worry about what we have to say! Where is Israeli pride? Where has it gone?

Tough Girl in TA TelAviv 08 November 2010

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