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Israeli FM on crash course with US administration

The Jerusalem Post reports that Lieberman has prepared a draft of Israel’s new foreign policy that places great emphasis on Israeli relations with Third World countries.

Lieberman’s plan revamps Israel’s old peripheral strategy, which is aimed at befriending African countries in order to encircle our Arab enemies. The peripheral strategy failed, as the Africans had no particular reason to ally themselves with Jews. Diamond business and small-arms sales are the last vestiges of the defunct policy.

Lieberman’s Third World agenda is a result of the Western governments’ virtually boycotting him.

By seeking to diversify Israel’s foreign ties Lieberman clashes with Jewish leftists, who need the threat of America abandoning us to push for Israeli concessions. The US administration cannot be happy with Israel inroads into the Western hemisphere, the American sphere of influence.

Lieberman’s policy is regrettably still-born.

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