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Israeli Arabs set Jewish forests on fire

Israeli Arabs have set Jewish forests on fire in northern Israel. This behavior is typical of loyal Israeli Arab citizens during political crises.

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If those Israeli-Arabs can get hold of something deadlier than a matchstick and a can of kerosene, they would use it! If I thought my sister was being raped in the other room, I will use extreme violence and whatever weapon I can get my hands on to try and save my sister! You don’t need to be Arab or Muslim to know that. We are wired that way. The earth is sick because the blood of all the innocent are being spilled and I dread what Jehovah is contemplating to do! He after all willed fire to rain down on Sodom and its other half! Maybe another round of creative-destruction is imminent like forest fire to clear the thick undergrowth that suffocates it! For your own preservation and ours too, I pray Israel, stop it!

back2basics59 taiwan 17 January 2009

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