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Israeli Arabs ready for war

For Arabs, gun ownership is traditionally a matter of prestige and safety. Israeli police generally refrain from interfering with the Arab habit of settling their disputes in the streets of their towns rather than in court. Though Israeli Arabs (except Druze) are practically forbidden to possess firearms, gun ownership in Arab villages is pervasive, estimated in the hundreds of thousands.

Recently, Arab clans were shooting each other with a bit too much intensity, forcing Israeli police to embark on a raid to remove illegal firearms from Arab houses in Northern Israel. The operation produced some curious findings, including IEDs and grenades.

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Gun ownership in Israel Arab shows that Arabs are displeased with the Isreali government. Perhaps if the Jewish authorities changed their policy, there wouldn’t be such massive gun ownership in Israel Arab population.

Lindsey Oakley 13 April 2010

Arabs are always ready to fight irrespective of who the enemy is. And they’re definitely ready to fight against Jews and help Gaza.

Nairne Ocean_Grove 13 April 2010

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