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Israeli Arabs help Gaza brethren

IDF announced it intercepted a truck with Israeli license plates carrying 1800 lbs of the fertilizer used for making explosives on the border with Gaza.

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Zello 11 May 2008

Arabs help Gaza which is absolutely natural. Jews are so cruel to these poor guys from the Sector. Of course they’ll help Gaza to get rid of as many Jews as they can.

Laren Oakland 13 April 2010

Arabs do their best to vex Jews. Thus, “Israeli Arab policeman” raped an elderly Israeli lady. And he did it not of his own will but to support Arabic brethern.

Kael Odessa 13 April 2010

The idea of Arabs helping even other Arabs seems ridiculous aaafter the news of the Arabic kid murdered by his relative.

Les Ogallala12 13 April 2010

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