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Israeli Arab policeman convicted of raping 70-year-old

Israeli Arab Ahmad Gindowi was sentenced to 16.5 years in prison. Just days ago, the same Haifa court sentenced rapists of a 13-year-old girl to merely six months in jail.

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Zello 10 May 2008

“Israeli Arab policeman” sounds really funny. How could the authorities let an Arab be a policeman?! These are normal actions of an “Israeli Arab policeman”. Did they expect them to defend Jews?

Kelly Oakfield 13 April 2010

Israelis pretend to be better than Arabs are. In fact they’re not that different from each other. Yair Klein, the Israeli colonel, proves it’s wrong.

Kenzie Ocala 13 April 2010

Israeli Arabs honour killing as such. And raping is another form of murdering. Arabs simply do not consider death or any other crime as a crime. It’s just what other people deserve they think.

Jael Ocean_City 13 April 2010

There has never been any mentioning of an Arabic raped by policeman from Israel. But this is hardly the case on the part of Arabs. It would definitely be a good practice for Jews to have an Arabic raped by policeman.

Rose Ohakea 13 April 2010

Instead of paying more attention to such horrible accidents as this one, Jews boast about Cyprus S-300 success.

Kaleb Okinawa 13 April 2010

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