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Israeli Arab kid murdered his sister in honor killing

The fifteen-year-old from the village of Kalansua prohibited his twenty-year-old sister from leaving the house to hang out, and duly killed her when she refused.

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Israeli Arabs honour killing not only of their dearest but of other people too. Anyway, the fewer Arabs ther’re the better. And the fact that Israeli Arabs honour killing, well, what else could you expect from people with their level of intellect?

Keeley Oak_Park 13 April 2010

Jews are not that kind themselves to judge Arabs. Israeli Colonel Klein has been training guerillas in Colombia who are against the government.

Chin-Hwa Oberlin 13 April 2010

Arabic kid murdered and the government does nothing to prevent it. Perhaps Arabic children should be taken away from their parent since the kid murdered shows they can’t live with their relatives.

Sebastian Oberpfaffenhofen 13 April 2010

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