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Arabs launched anti-tank rocket at IDF soldiers near Gaza. Other friendly Arabs stoned Jewish car near Schem. No damages or casualties.

Knesset approved in the first reading a bill which would take away Israeli citizenship of terrorist families. Though welcome, the bill cannot stand the human rights scrutiny.

to release Palestinian terrorists held in Israel through exchange. And he is logical: after Israel exchanged top Lebanese terrorists for corpses, Fatah has every reason to follow the same path.
The Palestinian minister was speaking at the leftist kibbutz near Jerusalem.

for participating in the very financial irregularities he had accused Olmert of. Now that Talansky’s testimony against Olmert becomes self-incriminatory, Talansky refused coming to Israel for cross-examination.
It’s not yet clear who’s behind the FBI investigation. Olmert profits because Talansky’s refusal to testify hurts his credibility as a witness against Olmert. The prime minister’s leftist adversaries also profit from the FBI thing because Talansky’s cross-examination by Olmert’s lawyers would likely devastate his credibility, as well.

Predictably, Russian troops are not leaving Georgia today as promised. Georgians, long urban folks rather than the previously tough mountaineers, are unable to stage a decent guerrilla warfare against unprotected Russians who set numerous checkpoints, control Georgian port of Poti, and systematically plunder Georgian arsenals upgraded by Israel.
The occupation so far goes well with locals whom the Russians unusually refrain from harassing.
The Russian presence in Georgia might be temporary or a first step in re-occupying the former tsarist/Soviet territorial possessions. Likely, Putin doesn’t know it yet and tests the Western reaction before making steps in either direction.

Israel wisely permitted them through. Fine, let the Arabs enjoy the balloons delivered on the boats.

IDF allowed Fatah to re-occupy Hebron with close to 600 “policemen.” Their enforcement role in Hamas-controlled Hebron would be negligible, but Arab civilians will be further incited against Jews in Hebron.
Barak allows the Fatah deployment in Hebron, the third PLO-controlled city in Judea and Samaria, under heavy American pressure. The Americans train Fatah thugs in Jordan and arm them.

An IDF patrol arrested a Palestinian with a knife in the Cave of the Patriarchs, Hebron.

Israel and Indonesia have signed ceremonial agreement between their emergency medical response agencies. Though the agreement per se is worthless, it breaches a wall of hostility toward Israel in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country.

Amid a public outcry, Egyptian judges decided that the fixed-price contract signed in 2005 is unfair because the price of natural gas has gone up since then. Quite certainly, the Egyptians would have resisted any price review if the price went down from the 2005 level. In Arab eyes, any contract is worthless; think of the peace treaty.

The Israeli monopoly on power generation kept increased electricity prices despite purchasing gas at a fixed price.

Police predictably decided against charging the Palestinians who attacked Zeev Braudo. Their crime of manslaughter and attempted murder is documented on the same B’Tselem video which serves to accuse Zeev.

The video shows clearly that the Palestinians “shot” by Braudo walk home while others—whose faces are clear on the footage—kick Zeev on the ground and hit him with large stones.

According to police, Zeev provoked the innocent Palestinians into stoning him by running for his son close to their homes. He remains in jail.

Defense Minister Barak allowed close to $30 million in cash into Gaza. Since October, Israeli banks have refused to ship shekels into Gaza, a measure which led to the currency crisis there. The cash blockade caused inconvenience to Gazans but wasn’t critical, as they switched to Jordanian dinars and Egyptian pounds.

Barak the hypocrite didn’t supply cash to Gaza from Israel, but allowed the cash to be delivered from the West Bank Arab banks—which are freely resupplied by Israel. So it looks like Israel continues the cash blockade.

A Jerusalem court released Braude to house arrest despite considerable pressure to keep him in jail. Defiantly, the court lashed out against police for failing to act against the Palestinians who attacked Braude. The court also criticized the prosecution for indicting Braude for what was clearly self-defense. According to the indictment, Zeev Braude maliciously walked into an Arab area where he was likely to be attacked, and then shot his attackers. Never mind the thirty-six stitches on his head.

Regardless of the verdict, the leftists have achieved their end: the worldwide media reported about the mad Hebron Jewish settler who shot two innocent Arab men in cold blood. His acquittal won’t be noticed.

YNET reports on the Security Cabinet deliberations. As we expected, IDF top brass suggested ending the operation and negotiating a truce with Hamas. The troops were massed at the border with Gaza only to threaten Hamas.

Now the situation is ideal for Olmert’s government, as it has scored a major PR victory in Gaza. The government certainly explores ways to move no further.

Abu Zakaria al-Jamal was killed in IAF air strike.

USS San AntonioThe USS San Antonio intercepted a Russian ship chartered by Iranians to deliver weapons to Gaza. The ship also carried undisclosed “dangerous substances,” which could be either explosives or chemical/biological weapons.

The US Navy continues hunt for other Iranian weapons shipments.

The ultra-left Geneva Institute is probably surprised with the results of the poll it commissioned: 45 percent of Israelis do not want any negotiations with Fatah thugs. 55 percent oppose final-status negotiations. The percentage is still higher among Jews.

Israel has accepted Spanish jurisdiction over the IDF. After the Spanish court invoked universal “war crimes” jurisdiction to indict IDF chiefs responsible for some Arab deaths in an anti-terrorist operation, the Israeli Foreign Ministry humbly submitted the exonerating documents to Spain.

Highly authoritative Rabbi Haim Kanyevsky took the unusual step of blessing and strongly encouraging Yaacov Katz, the head of National Union bloc. Normally rabbis of Kanyevsky’s standing direct their flock to UTJ or Shas.

Rabbi Kanyevsky gained political prominence after the Merkaz HaRav attack by barring Jews from hiring Arabs. He is under investigation for racist incitement.

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