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Recent shooting in American university proved a boon to anti-gun campaigners. Availability of guns surely adds to criminal situation: absent of firearm, the shooter would unlikely have devised another mode of mass murder. Oklahoma bombing shows that unlikely things happen. Gun ownership in Canada, Switzerland, and Norway approaches the US, but their homicide rates are 3-6 times lower. Total (firearm and otherwise) homicide rate in America is only twice that of Canada, Finland, or Scotland – ostensibly safe countries. Homicides in America are spread unevenly, concentrated in several notorious inner cities. Other than in those small, degraded enclaves violent crime is very low – and decreasing.

Americans possess hundreds of millions of handguns and rifles. If gun ownership is restricted, criminals won’t surrender their weapons. They can also re-supply from Mexico. Students have no trouble buying drugs now, and would buy illegal firearms with similar ease.

Leftists and idealists cooperate to bring down the institute of gun ownership. Leftists instinctively dislike popular resistance to their rule while idealists imagine people will cease killing if guns are not sold legally. For bvious security reasons, Israel could not significantly restrict gun ownership, but leftist courts consistently sentence the Jews, even soldiers who shoot Arabs in self-defense, and thus effectively rendered guns useless. That is, useless for Jews.

Conservative lawmakers oppose illegal immigration which hurts local workers. Israel faces similar challenge from Arab migrant workers who don’t pay taxes, reside illegally, and often help Palestinian terrorists.

When questioned by FBI, Mohammed Subeh withheld that his Arab-American brother joined Al Aqsa Martyers Brigade to become a suicide bomber. That brother lives now in Bethlehem.

(AP poll). Bush’s pro-war and the Congress’ anti-war stance matter equally little: rational Americans want decisive actions.

Google complained to the US Trade Rep office about the worldwide Internet censorship which harms Google’s profits. Google, however, several times censored SamsonBlinded.org and other right-wing sites, refusing them advertising via the Google AdSense.

Senator Larry Craig, an almost three-decades-long Congress’ incumbent, resigned after admitting to police that he engaged in lovely homosexual relations in Minneapolis airport restroom.

Bush nominated Orthodox Jew Michael Mukasey, a long-time colleague of Giuliani and a professional of impeccable credentials.

Just a day after Obama won the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton reversed her earlier criticism and began speaking about him in the warmest terms and called him “a good friend of Israel.” With such friends, indeed, who needs enemies?

Jews, as usual, as at the forefront of abominations. In California, referendum rejected homosexual marriage. California Supreme Court subsequently ruled in favor of such “marriage” on the petition of two Jewish lesbians who now conduct their wedding. The “rabbi” is a reform abomination from Hollywood. A crowd of happy Jews participated in the ceremony.

with 46 to 41% polls. We may cautiously sigh with relief, as Americans catch up with normality and down with the Black anti-Semite.

Obama chose Joe Biden, a powerful and seasoned liberal senator, as vice presidential mate, to cover his own glaring deficiency in anything political. Biden is a two-times loser for presidential nomination. In 2007, Biden went on the record saying that Obama is not ready for presidency.
Sen. Biden, a Catholic, urged the US Administration to arm Bosnian Muslims in Yugoslavia. In 2001, Biden sought a diplomatic solution with Saddam. He supports breaking Iraq into Sunni-Shia-Kurd enclaves. which would lead to Iran’s expansion. Overall, Biden is a dangerous case of an inconsistent hawk who long for justice for all and is involved with Muslims. His Catholic affiliation, traditionally a domain of anti-Semitism in America, makes him still worse for Israel.
Obama might not gain many votes by bringing in a Catholic.

in a video sequence during her show in Wells.
During her last visit two Israel, the ex-porn star spent two hours with Peres privately.

In a clever move, McCain bypassed several traditional heavyweight candidates for vice president and chose a somewhat bitchy reformer lady from Alaska.
Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, is a newcomer to politics, stands for reforms, and clean government. She is of a strong character, extremely conservative with religious bent, has five children, used to hunt deer and finished second in Alaska beauty contest. She’s very popular as a governor.
From a few hints, Mrs.Palin seems pro-Israeli and anti-Arab, especially in the oil matters, and as such can prove a boon to our country. If she reverses, that would be worse than Rice.

Joseph Biden announced that Israel need not look for the US approval in order to attack Iran or do anything it wishes. That’s a weasel speak for saying the approval is not forthcoming and Israel better not try pulling it on its own.
Biden is staunchily opposed to any direct US action in Iran. He even voted against designating Iranian Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organization.

Jerusalem Post runs an article on anti-Semitic propaganda in the US textbooks from elementary school up. There, Jesus is called “a young Palestinian,” terrorism in the pre-state Palestine is associated with Jews rather than Arabs, and Arabs presented as a peace-loving crowd on the background of intolerant Jews. Many common anti-Semitic canards are also documented.

Voters of the most liberal US state voted down the same-sex legislation enacted by California’s supreme court four months ago. The court’s decision came down in the case of two Jewish lesbians, who then happily stood under hupa with their reform “rabbi” and scores of liberal Jews.

The Times reports that Barack Hussein Obama’s Kenyan grandfather was an active member of Mau Mau revolt, which is now misinterpreted as a popular uprising against British rule. It was not so: just thirty-two British citizens were killed. The participating tribes butchered between 50,000 and 200,000 of each others’ members with considerable brutality; children constituted up to half the victims.

On a side note, British troops behaved in their usual manner: there are abundant reports of torture, killing of POWs, mass executions, and rape. Fifty years after the event, the British presume to lecture us on the treatment of our Palestinian enemies.

The latest financial disclosure from Barack Obama’s campaign puts his campaign donations close to $1 billion, almost twice the cumulative spending by all presidential candidates in 2004. The amount includes both the money donated directly to Obama’s campaign and that donated to various DNC initiatives, all of which eventually wound up in Obama’s coffers.

Half a billion came from large donors in $1,000+ amounts. Common donors, variously defined as having contributed less than $25 to less than $250, account for less than a quarter of Obama’s funding. Obama purchased much more airtime than did McCain, and basically bought his way into the White House.

The US Supreme Court is expected to toss out on Monday the Donofrio suit which very reasonably alleges that Obama cannot be the president since he is not a natural born US citizen. Obama had dual citizenship at birth following his father’s British nationality, and he was not born in the mainland US. The court prefers to stay away from this kind of politically charged issues.

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