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Muslim relations

The aid will be used for weapons purchases and welfare payments to Hamas electorate.

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US Administration vociferously rejected Baker report which calls for such meetings, but now adopted its recommendations. Baker called for trading the Golans for Syrian promise of help in Iraq.

Rice and the Syrian foreign minister discussed the business of evicting Israel from the Golan Heights in exchange for Syrian promise of closing its border with Iraq.
Weeks ago, Bush blasted Nancy Pelosi for meeting Assad.
Rice and Iranian FM welcomed each other during the lunch.

Deputy National Security Adviser Elliott Abrams revealed a conference of Jewish Republicans an obvious fact: Bush appeases his Arabs friends with the moribund peace process, and Rice wants the laurels of pushing Israel in a corner.
Israel needs to weather until the next US presidential elections to enjoy another six years of respite from the suicidal peace process.

A third of American Muslims express positive opinion about al Qaeda or refused to answer. 26% or about a million US Muslims laud suicide attacks. The respondents show strong pro-Islamic sentiment, widely condemning the US antiterrorist operations. (Pew Research Center poll) There are 2 to 7 million Muslims in the US. Residents of Muslims countries show much stronger support for terrorism.

The US-Iranian negotiation on Iraq will start on Monday in Baghdad. America has nothing to offer Iran. Iran has nothing to compromise on: it wants to include Iraq in the Iran-dominated Shiite axis, and has almost succeeded by now. America announced its plans for withdrawal on several occasions and cannot pressure Iran.
Two days before starting negotiations with Iran, America has publicly launched a CIA war against Iran.

where Islamic insurgents are expected to hide. US is not at war with Somalia. US Navy disregarded civilian casualties in favor of killing out Muslim militants. Lebanon likewise stormed Palestinian refugee camp with tanks after artillery bombardment. Israel, however, fears Palestinian civilian losses in the retaliatory strikes against Gaza.

The US Administration asked Israel to release Palestinian terrorist boss Marwan Barghouti, serving more than five life sentences in Israeli jail. Ariel Sharon asked to swap Barghouti for Pollard, but Rice rejected the offer (Ma’ariv)

Congress report shows that Iraq failed to meet any benchmarks. According to his earlier promise, Bush must start pulling the US troops out of Iraq, and leave Israel to deal with the terrorist state of Iraq.

Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development is on trial in the US for sending humanitarian aid to Hamas. That’s exactly what Israeli government does on a daily basis.

Bush Administration proposed $3 billion to Israel annually, $1.3 billion to Egypt dominated by Muslim Brotherhood. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and UAE will purchase $5 billion worth of the best US weapons.
Arming both Israel and its archrival Egypt seems somewhat counterproductive.

$20 billion arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and petty sheikhdoms would include truly useless items: hyper-expensive naval vessels, GPS-guided bombs which proved a failure in Iraq due to their small payload, and upgrades to the aircraft the Arabs have no skills to fly, anyway.
Minor Democratic congressmen also decry the arms sale to Saudi Arabia which rids itself of Islamic activists by sending them to fight among Iraqi insurgents. Mainstream Democrats won’t oppose the deal, hugely beneficial to the American military-industrial complex.

Bush demands Pakistan’s military dictator Musharaff holds free elections – which will bring Islamists groups to power. In Pakistan, only Islamists are not tainted by corruption. Pakistan possesses about 53 nuclear bombs.
Bush already staged democratic elections in Lebanon and Palestine, bringing Hezbollah and Hamas to power.

US Administration released $80 million to bolster Abbas’ gang.

Show trial in America of Holy Land Foundation for funneling money to Hamas-run charities revealed that the US Agency for International Development was funding many of the same Hamas establishments.

Ahmadinejad will speak at Columbia University during his visit to the US. Ahmadinejad, an excellent demagogue, will likely prevail in university discussion.

Saudi royal Bedouin serving as Foreign Minister is pleased with American vision of Israeli surrender to Arab enemies, describes the American peace plans as painted in “nice colors.” The Americans promised Faisal final-status negotiations with Israel: that is, partition of Jerusalem and leaving Israel an 8-mile-wide strip.
IDF, Shabak operate fairly effectively and ended Intifada in the West Bank. Terrorists killed only 8 Jews this year, compared to hundreds in the previous years. No Kassam rockets were fired on Israel from the West Bank where IDF enjoys freedom of action. Israel doesn’t need formal peace with Palestinians, especially at the expense of major concessions.

US court acquitted the bosses of the Holy Land Foundation, the largest Muslim charity, which funneled money to Hamas-run organizations of ostensibly charitable background.

The Americans who rightly detest the US aid to Israel might consider Bush’s $410 million aid increase to the Palestinian Authority.

The US allocated a symbolic $1 million to Nablus, a hotbed of Palestinian terrorism. Arabs occupiers took over the ancient Jewish town of Schem and renamed it Nablus.
The new American aid comes on the top of $450 million increase of the US aid increase to Palestinian terrorists announced recently.
America gives way more money to enemies than to friends. The US spend many times more in Iraq or Kuwait than it gave to Israel over the decades.

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