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According to ABC, Israel postponed the strike against Syrian nuclear facilities several times under the US pressure. Rice especially detested the attack on Syrian nuclear facilities for the fear of disrupting the peace process.

Nemesis of the Jews Condi Rice appointed former NATO commander James Jones as her special envoy charged with extorting a peace treaty from Israel and Arabs. Now Jones can avail himself of the five million Jews for suicide missions on the Battlefield Palestine. Former general is rather unlikely to care about security of Jews in the ensuing peace process.

After meeting Livni at the NATO meeting, Rice lambasted the routine housing construction in the east part of Jerusalem as a violation of the US-imagined peace process. Somehow our Black friend Rice misses the massive illegal construction by Arabs throughout the Land of Israel. As if the construction in Israel is her business, anyway.

According to Jerusalem Post, US Administration mulls international peace keepers in Judea and Samaria after Israeli withdrawal from the Jewish lands.

According to the mad cowboy, peace treaty between Israel and the Fatahland must be signed before he leaves the office for good. Thye peace treaty, of course, would leave Palestinians with a terrorist state and the Jewish capital.
Bush also declared that Israeli checkpoints in Judea and Samaria create “a sense of security for Israelis.” No, they create the security.
On behalf of the Jewish state, Bush offered Palestinians compensation for the refugees. The US president didn’t offer compensation to almost a million Jewish refugees from Arab states.
Bush demanded the end of the Israeli “occupation” of the “Arab land” of Judea and Samaria. Thankfully, the low-IQ president kept his mouth shut on the issue of Jerusalem.
As usual, Bush demanded dismantling of Jewish hamlets in Judea and Samaria, “the illegal outposts.” No problem with massive illegal Arab construction in Israel.
Bush frankly said, “two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, living side-by-side in peace is in the best interest of America and the world.” Of course, who cares about the interests of those Jews!
On the issue of rocket attacks from Gaza Palestine, Bush requires that Israel protects “innocent lives.” Sort of what the US does in Afghanistan (1.5 million people dead in the US-sponsored civil war since 1980) and Iraq?

The US president shed tears on the official visit to Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial. Bush, however, uses the peace process to drive Israel into the Auschwitz borders of the eight-mile-wide state.
Bush acquiesced to compensation to the fourth-generation descendants of Palestinian refugees rather than allowing them to resettle in Israel. But if they are entitled to compensation, then obviously they were wrongly evicted, and must be allowed to resettle in Israel. Or, tell that this is the Jewish state, and no Arabs have the right to return to it.
Bush called to the end of Israeli “occupation” of the West Bank. It’s not an occupation. We just conquered the land God told us to conquer, and should we listen to some Bush?
Bush declared that Israel should have “secure and defensible borders.” What kind of a moron calls an eight-mile-wide (pre-1967) state “secure and defensible”?

US missile defense czar Obering warned that Iran is developing long-range missiles for its peaceful nuclear program ” that go far beyond anything they would need in a regional fight with Israel”

US liaisons to the Palestinian Authority routinely refuse so much as to open car windows and present their IDs at the Israeli checkpoints. The latest incident includes the US security coordinator Dayton, Jerusalem Post reports.
In 1948 the US military attache Archibald had a habit of flying his plane in Israel without regard to the established air corridors. After duly warning the attache, Israelis shot at the plane.

Rice arrived in Jerusalem to press Israel to continue peace talks with Palestinians under the rocket fire. Would anyone tell that Black Plague that our relations with Palestinians is none of her business?
Bush and buddies brought Hamas and Hezbollah to power in democratic elections pushed for by the US in spite of the opposition from locals who know better. Then Bushies propped a civil war in Palestine to oust the democratically elected Hamas – which prompted Hamas to fight that war over and evict Fatah from Gaza, making the place into Hamastan. And now we listen to still more of their idiotic ideason how we should live peacefully with out Palestinian enemies.

Visiting US presidential candidate McCain gave Israel a sensible advice by analogy. McCain compared rocket attacks on Sderot with Mexican attacks on Arizona, and assured the Israeli leaders that Arizonians would have demanded a rigorous retaliation.
Sorrowfully, McCain promised to remain involved in Israeli affairs if elected.

US vice president Dick spent two days with his friends in Saudi Arabia, flew to Jerusalem to attend Christian festivities, and instructed Olmert to renew peace talks with the Palestinians.

Israel’s Chief Comptroller launched investigation into the failure of Israeli government to exert sufficient pressure on the US Administration to release a convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.
This must be the most unusual investigation ever conducted, openly demanding illegal (though correct and righteous) Israeli actions in support of Pollard’s illegal activity.

In his book “The Much Too Promised Land”, Aaron D.Miller, a State Department adviser to six US presidents, reveals that he knows of no significant decision by the US Administration made because of Israeli lobbying. Miller is generally critical of Israel, and so deserves credibility on that issue.
No wonder that US politicians lean to the Arab oil kingdoms.

A few days ago, Ehud Barak refused to remove any roadblocks and praised their really high role in intercepting Palestinian terrorists.

from Arab countries, suggests to include their issues into the final status negotiations with the Palestinians. Why did it took the US 60 years to notice 800,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries who left billions of dollars worth of property behind? The US is much quicker to champion the rights of Arab refugees from Israel.

A delegation of the leftist US bloggers came to Israel, will meet Olmert, Livni, others. The delegation includes the editor of anti-Semitic moveon.org website.

Only 24% of the US Christians imagine that the Palestinian state would be peaceful, 17% support dividing Jerusalem with Palestinians, 9% want a presidential candidate who would push Israel down the peace process (poll by Joshua Fund).

Shabak security service declined the assistance request by the Secret Service detachment which guards Carter. Jews normally provide such security assistance to high-ranking foreigners.
Israel’s problems with Carter are ostensibly two. One, he meets Mashaal. But Putin has not only meet the Hamas leader but welcomed him to Moscow – and Israel does political business with Russia as usual. Two, Carter compared Israeli-Palestinian relations to apartheid – which is not really bad, as apartheid was a judiciously ingenious and a mild system of government. The Bible subjects the aborigines to much harsher treatment than apartheid.
Israeli rulers shy Carter because they are uneasy with the return of the Sinai which Carter pushed Begin to do. Olmert was one of the few MKs who voted against the giveaway of the Sinai.

of anti-ballistic missile defense. Now we can relax and wait for the upcoming missiles with nuclear warheads from Iran.

to make a nice PR for the Bush visit to the region.
After a similar ceasefire with Lebanon in 2006, Hezbollah rearmed in the violation of the ceasefire, and the UN only keeps expressing its concerns.

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