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Israeli relations

After experience of Oslo, Clinton only needs half an hour to make Israel withdraw from Golan Heights and northern shore of Kineret (interview to Asharq al-Awsat)

If US doesn’t sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, Russia would. Saudis have no strategic enemy but several reports indicate A.Q.Khan delivered Saudis several Pakistani nuclear bombs.

for asking Israel to retract from its current policy of “fear, terror, division.”

regardless of her support for negotiations with Syria, Iran, further Israeli concessions to Palestinians.

So far, the State Department’s advices failed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. Recommendations include opening Israeli market to Palestinian migrant workers and tax-free producers. The US, for its part, seeks to limit the flow of migrant workers from Mexico.

cancels her visit to Israel. The country will get a respite from Rice’s pressure for more concessions to Arabs. Livni will wait for her friend. Rice has authored exceedingly lame essays on military matters during her years at university.

US Ambassador to Israel said Jews must be grateful the US didn’t execute Pollard who was “spying for a friendly power.” Late Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek was spying on Jewish guerrilla groups for British, a hostile power, but Israel honors him.
Pollard sent Israel many documents which the US had to send Israel under the mutual treaties but withheld.

Dayton asserts the training is limited to Fatah. One of its military wings, Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, conducted numerous suicide bombings in Israel. Many Fatah members join Hamas – now armed with the US weapons and expertise.
The US State Department decried Israeli arrest of dozens of Hamas politicians, even though America recognizes Hamas as terrorist organization.
Israel arrested another Palestinian minister – of “state” – in the West Bank.

during the meeting between the presidents of Israel and the United States. Bush is expected to instruct Olmert on further withdrawal from territories that America earmarked for Palestinian state, as well as on Israeli attitude to Syria and Iran.

US House of Representatives passed a resolution praising Israel for victory in the Six-Day War. The US originally prevented Israel from preempting the Arab strike, and many governments still view Israel as an aggressor in the 1967 war. Egyptian government lambasted the Senate resolution which also approves of Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem.

The US Administration mulls increasing aid to Israel in the attempt to induce Jews to leave Judea and Samaria.
The US continues military aid to Egypt whose only enemy is Israel.

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani warned that withdrawal from Iraq would create a second Gaza. Giuliani is mistaken, since no militant party in Gaza enjoys popular support close to the 40% support of Hamas in Gaza.
The US has no chance but to eventually withdraw from Iraq, leaving Israel to deal with a failed terrorist state of Iraq.

$59 million US aid, earmarked for strengthening Fatah in Gaza, seeks a recipient. US Department of State frantically searches how to spend that military aid in the West Bank.

Bush announced another Middle East conference on Israeli-Palestinian peace. Israel requested participation of the Wahhabite Saudi Arabia and such oddballs as Morocco and Bahrain whose relation to Israeli-Palestinian peace is dubious. Saudis are unlikely to talk to Israel.
Bush demanded that Israel helps Abu Mazen, and suggested that Jews develop Negev desert and Arab-dominated Galilee and forget about Judea and Samaria.

The affirmative action princess Condoleezza Rice, a big expert in Torah studies and Jewish national mentality, declares Israel must end occupation of Judea and Samaria (Rice calls them “the West Bank”) and move to Galilee and Negev. Galilee is settled by Arabs no less than Judea. As for the Negev, why don’t we relocate Arabs into the desert?

After Iran was funneling money through Hezbollah for rebuilding Lebanese houses destroyed in Israeli air raids, Evangelical Christians pledged $10 million to repair shelters in north Israeli. Jews must be safe from Hezbollah to show up at the evangelically prescribed apocalypse.

An Israeli-American Jew Zhivotofsky lost the case in the US court over mentioning “Jerusalem, Israel” as his place of birth. The US and Canada, among other countries, write “Jerusalem” but not “Jerusalem, Israel” in passports.
Years ago, the US Congress decides to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, but subsequent administrations refused.

Bush blasted UN Human Rights Council (which includes Muslim dictatorships) for criticizing Israeli human rights record while ignoring atrocities around the world. In the same speech, Bush called for Palestinian statehood, which certainly violates Jewish human rights to the land and a minor right to live safely.
Bush didn’t elaborate on the US involvement with atrocious regimes from Afghan mujahedeen to Guatemela.

Bush heart-warmingly announced that “America will defend its ally Israel.” Both Israel and her Wahhabite arch-enemy Saudi Arabia are American allies. America sells weapons both to Israel and Saudi Arabia. America gives aid both to Israel and her arch-enemy Egypt. America spends on Iraq tens of times its cumulative aid to Israel. America fought for Kuwait, but planned fighting against Israel in 1956 and 1967 to stop the IDF advance on Cairo.

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