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After experience of Oslo, Clinton only needs half an hour to make Israel withdraw from Golan Heights and northern shore of Kineret (interview to Asharq al-Awsat)

Recent shooting in American university proved a boon to anti-gun campaigners. Availability of guns surely adds to criminal situation: absent of firearm, the shooter would unlikely have devised another mode of mass murder. Oklahoma bombing shows that unlikely things happen. Gun ownership in Canada, Switzerland, and Norway approaches the US, but their homicide rates are 3-6 times lower. Total (firearm and otherwise) homicide rate in America is only twice that of Canada, Finland, or Scotland – ostensibly safe countries. Homicides in America are spread unevenly, concentrated in several notorious inner cities. Other than in those small, degraded enclaves violent crime is very low – and decreasing.

Americans possess hundreds of millions of handguns and rifles. If gun ownership is restricted, criminals won’t surrender their weapons. They can also re-supply from Mexico. Students have no trouble buying drugs now, and would buy illegal firearms with similar ease.

Leftists and idealists cooperate to bring down the institute of gun ownership. Leftists instinctively dislike popular resistance to their rule while idealists imagine people will cease killing if guns are not sold legally. For bvious security reasons, Israel could not significantly restrict gun ownership, but leftist courts consistently sentence the Jews, even soldiers who shoot Arabs in self-defense, and thus effectively rendered guns useless. That is, useless for Jews.

If US doesn’t sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, Russia would. Saudis have no strategic enemy but several reports indicate A.Q.Khan delivered Saudis several Pakistani nuclear bombs.

Muslim-Black civil war apparently has higher priority than Iran’s nuclear program

The aid will be used for weapons purchases and welfare payments to Hamas electorate.

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for asking Israel to retract from its current policy of “fear, terror, division.”

Conservative lawmakers oppose illegal immigration which hurts local workers. Israel faces similar challenge from Arab migrant workers who don’t pay taxes, reside illegally, and often help Palestinian terrorists.

regardless of her support for negotiations with Syria, Iran, further Israeli concessions to Palestinians.

US Administration vociferously rejected Baker report which calls for such meetings, but now adopted its recommendations. Baker called for trading the Golans for Syrian promise of help in Iraq.

Rice and the Syrian foreign minister discussed the business of evicting Israel from the Golan Heights in exchange for Syrian promise of closing its border with Iraq.
Weeks ago, Bush blasted Nancy Pelosi for meeting Assad.
Rice and Iranian FM welcomed each other during the lunch.

When questioned by FBI, Mohammed Subeh withheld that his Arab-American brother joined Al Aqsa Martyers Brigade to become a suicide bomber. That brother lives now in Bethlehem.

So far, the State Department’s advices failed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. Recommendations include opening Israeli market to Palestinian migrant workers and tax-free producers. The US, for its part, seeks to limit the flow of migrant workers from Mexico.

cancels her visit to Israel. The country will get a respite from Rice’s pressure for more concessions to Arabs. Livni will wait for her friend. Rice has authored exceedingly lame essays on military matters during her years at university.

Deputy National Security Adviser Elliott Abrams revealed a conference of Jewish Republicans an obvious fact: Bush appeases his Arabs friends with the moribund peace process, and Rice wants the laurels of pushing Israel in a corner.
Israel needs to weather until the next US presidential elections to enjoy another six years of respite from the suicidal peace process.

(AP poll). Bush’s pro-war and the Congress’ anti-war stance matter equally little: rational Americans want decisive actions.

US Ambassador to Israel said Jews must be grateful the US didn’t execute Pollard who was “spying for a friendly power.” Late Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek was spying on Jewish guerrilla groups for British, a hostile power, but Israel honors him.
Pollard sent Israel many documents which the US had to send Israel under the mutual treaties but withheld.

A third of American Muslims express positive opinion about al Qaeda or refused to answer. 26% or about a million US Muslims laud suicide attacks. The respondents show strong pro-Islamic sentiment, widely condemning the US antiterrorist operations. (Pew Research Center poll) There are 2 to 7 million Muslims in the US. Residents of Muslims countries show much stronger support for terrorism.

The US-Iranian negotiation on Iraq will start on Monday in Baghdad. America has nothing to offer Iran. Iran has nothing to compromise on: it wants to include Iraq in the Iran-dominated Shiite axis, and has almost succeeded by now. America announced its plans for withdrawal on several occasions and cannot pressure Iran.
Two days before starting negotiations with Iran, America has publicly launched a CIA war against Iran.

Dayton asserts the training is limited to Fatah. One of its military wings, Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, conducted numerous suicide bombings in Israel. Many Fatah members join Hamas – now armed with the US weapons and expertise.
The US State Department decried Israeli arrest of dozens of Hamas politicians, even though America recognizes Hamas as terrorist organization.
Israel arrested another Palestinian minister – of “state” – in the West Bank.

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