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United Nations

to Fatah for forming a unity government with Hamas.

asks Assad in a phone call to end the smuggling. Why would Assad stop arming Hezbollah? After withdrawing from Lebanon, Syria still needs to control the country it considers part of Syria. Syria also arms Hezbollah to pressure Israel on the Golan Heights’ issue.

The useless UNIFIL soldiers failed to prevent massive re-arming of Hezbollah, but shield Hezbollah from Israeli retaliation. At most, UNIFIL limits Hezbollah’s concentration along the border with Israel.
In recent weeks, German and Swedish ships started the battle order procedures when Israel Navy ships approached them. UNIFIL claims the battle order was launched because Israeli ships didn’t announce themselves. Israel Navy is clearly marked and identification presented no problem.

The UN Security Council seeks a resolution condemning Ahmadinejad for delcaring that countdown to Israeli destruction has began. Ahmadinejad was only saying the truth, supported by the 3,000+ centrifuges enriching weapons-grade uranium round the clock. Israel and the US agreed to review the efficiency of UN sanctions against Iran by the year end, though the meager sanctions have already proved worthless.

UN Human Rights Commission singled out Israel for condemnation for human rights violations. Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Belarus, Russia, or Saudi Arabia caused no concern of the UNHRC.

Dominated by Muslim countries, UNHRC only deals with Israel.

Israel continues supplying water and electricity to Hamas-run Gaza despite huge arrears.

In the letter to the UN, Israel expressed concern over Iran’s treatment of Muslims.
UN Human Rights Commissions singled out Israel as the world’s worst violator of human rights.

The UN report blames the separation barrier for the Palestinian hardships. Poor Arabs cannot go to schools, hospitals, and relatives.
Hundreds of petitions to Israeli Supreme Court delay the construction of fence, leave 290 kms of border open for infiltration by Palestinian schoolchildren and terrorists.

Israeli government asked the UN to pinpoint refugees among the thousands Black infiltrators into Israel and clarify what to do with them.

It’s hard to see how the humanitarian situation in Gaza could worsen if 1.1 million Gazans were receiving UNRWA aid in the heydays of Palestinian unity government.

UN Hi Commissioner for Human (that is, Arab) Rights urges restraint Israel and asserts that declaring Gaza a “hostile territory” would make the life hard for Palestinians – who voted Hamas into power. That’s what the war is about, making the life very hard for your enemy. Israeli government expected the outcry and declared Gaza hostile territory only to increase foreign pressure on Hamas.

The imbecile UN Security Council condemned as “heinous terrorism” the attack on the Pakistani “opposition leader” Benazir Bhutto. Bhutto is not a leader to begin with, but merely heads an ousted party. The real opposition in Pakistan is Islamist. Bhutto is whoppingly corrupt even by Pakistani standards, and is no more a politician than, say, the Fatah thugs. Bhutto is aligned with Pakistani Islamists. Musharaff did a great service to humanity by trying to assassinate Bhutto and preserve stability in the nuclear Pakistan.
The UN never condemned Palestinian attacks on Jews in so strong terms.

UN Human Rights committee passed a resolution condemning Israeli blockade of Gaza. Muslim members of UNHRC (oxymoron, but true) approved the resolution while the European countries merely abstained. Are they paralyzed by fear of Muslims or encouraged by anti-Semitism?
Of course, it’s okay for Muslims to institute an oil blockade of Israel, and was equally okay for Europeans to blockade Israel against the US arms deliveries in the Yom Kippur War.

Arab Human Rights Commission adopted a charter “rejects all form of Zionism.” UN Human Rights Commission endorsed that charter.

UN undersecretary for humanitarian (that is, not for Jews) affairs Holmes toured Gaza, was shocked by the Palestinian misery, and blamed it on the Israeli border restrictions.
Might he blame Gazans’ misery on their voting for Hamas, or perhaps on PIJ firing Kassams on Sderot?

UN envoy for human (non-Jewish) affairs Holmes criticized Hamas for firing Kassam rockets at civic installations in Israel: “There’s no military target.” Would it change anything if Hamas starts firing at the IDF training camps in the Negev?

The weasel wording superficially applies both to Israel and Hamas, but since Hamas cannot be pressed into any agreement, the UN condemnation effectively targets Israel only. Israel will have to stop, and then the UN would do nothing when Palestinians continue firing rockets at Israel.

Few more Iranians are banned from international travel, few more empty foreign bank accounts frozen.

UN Human Rights Committee condemned Israeli actions in Gaza, called for immediate cease-fire.
The session was initiated by Pakistan, a fundamentalist Muslim state which owns 53 nuclear bombs.

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