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Histadrut associate of Amir Peretz, sexual copycat of Moshe Katsav, and political duplicate of Avigdor Lieberman looks for a portfolio. Time for Ramon to take revenge on the Supreme Court which ousted him.

EU urged Israel to negotiate with Hamas, Hezbollah the conditions for return of the kidnapped soldiers

claims that will open a new page in Israeli-Arab relations. Apparently, hardened terrorists will add to Hamas moderation.

Le Pen questioned the importance of Nazi death camps and rejected France’s role in deporting its Jews. His support comes from ethnic French rather than Judophobic Muslim immigrants.

JA failed to provide records of expenses. JA claims Gaydamak breached the agreement.

Muslim-Black civil war apparently has higher priority than Iran’s nuclear program

4,000 claimants filed suit in the US against Arab Bank for its role in channeling money to terrorists

calls on Israel to release Palestinian freedom fighters, declares Israel terrorist state.

Speaking in Ariel, general Yair Naveh criticized government, praised settlers

Finance Committee headed by Lieberman’s Stas Misezhnikov approved the cut. Subsidies to kibbutzim and Israeli Arabs are not threatened. Misezhnikov received M.A. in marketing from Tel Aviv University.

Police charges the maverick Arab politician with passing unspecified secrets to the enemy.

suggest nuclear bomb will be ready in less than three years.

claims doesn’t know how to transfer the money to Abu Mazen’s account. EU and US are the largest donors of the terrorist Palestinian entity.

With no MK’s speaking at the protest rallies in Tel Aviv, organizers settled for popular musicians as a way to attract and cheer up some crowds. Uzi Dayan, one of the organizers, supported Barak’s year 2000 withdrawal from Lebanon. The protests are expected to gather few people because Winograd report contained no shocking news, and mostly accuses Olmert of launching a very popular war instead of seeking unspecified political solutions.

Two Arabs died on the spot, near Karnei Shomron.

Muqtada’s Mahdi Army attacked the Badr Brigades affiliated with Iraqi police.

Paz-Pines will sit in the tent only occasionally, and devote most time to running in Labor primaries and living as usual.

PLFP declared it won’t release Shalit while Olmert stays in the office. Israeli politicians have a long history of cooperating with Palestinian terrorist organizations. Before Rabin’s election, Beilin met in Cairo with Abu Mazen to promise sweeping concessions (Oslo) in return for Israeli Arabs voting for Rabin.

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