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Barghouti builds reputation of peacemaker. Journalists must be returned because he was friendly to Arabs. To kidnap unfriendly correspondents is acceptable.

4,000 claimants filed suit in the US against Arab Bank for its role in channeling money to terrorists

Gaza crisis: Al Qaeda’s Ayman Zawahri greeted Hamas’ takeover of Gaza, called for Al Qaeda-Hamas union. Terrorists of Shia and Sunni persuasions get along: Shiite Iran supports Sunni insurgency in Afghanistan and Sunni Hamas.

In a rare speech to American public, Osama surprisingly appeared with dyed beard to look younger. Unlike the previous forgeries, now Osama looks like himself. As usual, Osama correctly lambasted Bush for the silly war in Iraq and nagged the US Administration about the sky-high costs of the invasion. Osama seems to pursue a Democratic agenda.
Claiming that Jews face no trouble from Islamists except annihilation of Israel, Osama correctly noted that Holocaust happened in Europe. He revealed ignorance when asserted that Jews could have founded refuge in Islamic countries. Moroccans eagerly deported their Jews to Nazis and large pogroms took place in Iraq during the WWII.
Osama then proceeded with socialist agenda of multinational corporations lobbying for wars, and belatedly criticized Rumsfeld for prosecuting Vietnam war. Osama praised Chomsky and showed acquaintance with his “manufacturing of concept” notion. Osama urges Americans to do away with capitalism and surprisingly approves of them doing away with chains of religion.
Osama insists on responsibility of the Americans for the actions of their government they refuse to control or prevent from waging unjust wars. Osama builds a case for mass killing of American civilians. In order to do this, he has to proof them idolaters rather than “people of the Book.” He argues, accordingly, that they worship Allah wrongly, without following his commandments. The idea is tru in Judaism, but far-fetched in Islam. Osama summarizes the American sins as polytheism, which clears for him the path to attack.
The attack, however, is nowhere near. Osama won’t have issued a statement sure to rise warning level just before the attack. He also offered Americans time to study Koran. Osama has glorious dreams, but for now the Americans seem to have cornered him.

Bin Laden’s lieutenant Zawahiri announce that the terrorist group eyes the battleground in Jerusalem and would seek to attack Jewish targets worldwide.

The tape sports a voice which doesn’t sound like Bin Laden’s old tapes, and a still picture dating back some years. Of course, if Al Qaeda wanted to post Osama’s speech, a normal video would have been prepared.
The fake Osama lashed at length at Israel for oppressing the poor Palestinian terrorists and vowed to defend every inch of the land the Palestinians consider theirs.

In the 9/11 anniversary tape, Zarkawi lashed against Iran for conspiring with the Americans against Al Qaeda’s fighters in Iraq. This confirms our analysis that the Bushies entered into a deal with Iran whereas it allows the things in Iraq to calm down and America doesn’t strike its nuclear facilities.

The Independent revealed a long-expected surprise: Abu Nidal, a terrorist par excellence, worked for the CIA. A friend of Saddam Hussein, he spied on Saddam for the CIA, trying to obtain non-existent evidence of Saddam’s cooperation with Al Qaeda. Saddam duly executed him in 2002, but made the death appear a suicide, apparently to avoid confrontation with other terrorists.
Abu Nidal provided Israel with the pretext for invading Lebanon in 1982 by attempting the assassination of the ambassador Shlomo Argov.

Syria retaliated ingeniously for the US strike on its territory that killed an Al Qaeda leader. Syrian troops who had loosely guarded the border with Iraq are being moved to the Lebanese border, leaving the passage to and from Iraq wide open for insurgents.
Yesterday in Pakistan, the US Air Force killed Abu Jihad al Masri, an Egyptian in charge of Al Qaeda propaganda efforts. He had a bounty of $1 million on his head.

Indian forces engaged in sporadic fighting near the Mumbai Chabad House in India, which has been taken over by Muslim terrorists.
Chabad is engaged in wild proselytizing efforts among Indians, in an attempt to convert them to Judaism.

Ayman al Zawahiri, the second-in-command of Al Qaeda, issued an eighty-minute video with insensible ramblings on current events. Unlike the numerous fake Osama videos, Zawahiri’s is undoubtedly authentic and relates to current events.
Such a major statement would be expected from Osama rather his lieutenant. Here we have yet another confirmation that Bin Laden is no longer active, and possibly dead.

The only Jewish survivor of the Chabad House attack in Mumbai is two years old. After the terrorists bound and gagged the other people in the house, they refused to kill a baby and sent him with his nanny downstairs, allowing her to escape with the child.

It’s hard to recall a single instance when Palestinian terrorists have spared a baby. The Israeli government recently released an Arab star terrorist, Samir Kuntar, one of many Arabs who have murdered an entire Jewish family.

bio weaponsDozens of Al Qaeda operatives in Algeria have died from plague. The Washington Times reports that the CIA intercepted a call between Al Qaeda commanders regarding a failure in a bio or chemical weapon experiment.

Though commercially available plague strains are treatable, the Russians (and reportedly the Iranians) have developed military-grade strains totally resistant to treatment.

Al Jazeera has aired an interview with the cop-killers who ambushed Israeli traffic policemen in Jordan Valley.

Israel fully cooperates with Al Jazeera, even to the extent of granting it permission to enter Gaza and attend the Israeli government’s press conferences.

France became the first nation to storm a yacht hijacked by Somali pirates, rather than negotiate a ransom. One hostage dead, four freed, pirates taught a lesson.

Other nations, America included, negotiate ransoms for their ships.

The Pakistani president has confirmed our long-standing suspicion that Osama Bin Laden is dead. In an interview, Zardari cited his intelligence agency, which knows everything about the Taliban and mujaheddin.

Unable to refuse protection to an honored guest, the Taliban would love to see Bin Laden gone. His popularity in Pakistan threatened local radical leaders. Though Osama could have died of illnesses, too many local parties had a keen interest in quietly assassinating him.

Al Qaeda has invented a revolutionary new mode of bomb transportation: inside humans. It has been revealed that a month ago, a suicide bomber approached Saudi prince Nayef with about three ounces of plastic explosive hidden in his stomach, and blew himself up in an unsuccessful assassination attempt.

Intercepting such body bombs would require completely refurbishing airport security with ultra-sensitive metal detectors capable of detecting the small amounts of metal used for detonators. But then, terrorists can use liquid detonators, which have no metal parts.

Following a silly bombing attempt by a Nigerian Muslim, Canada banned most carry-on luggage on planes. The terrorists might not have succeeded in bombing a plane, but they hugely inconvenienced millions of Westerners by causing security regulations to be tightened still more.

And the precautions are hopeless, as we have long argued. Explosives can be hidden in checked luggage; terrorists have plenty of unprotected targets besides planes. Terrorists have already transported bombs in their bodies: will passengers soon face a check by a proctologist? The Christmas terrorist hid liquid detonators in his underpants: will all passengers be strip-searched now?

The story of the US State Department not revoking the terrorist’s visa six months after his father notified them of his son’s Islamist affiliation will undoubtedly feed conspiracy theories.

Debka has suggested that the Ethiopian airliner’s crash near Lebanon was a terrorist attack. This is possible, yes, but the plane could have exploded for more innocuous reasons.

But we see no basis for the conclusion that Al Qaeda was involved. Al Qaeda had no good reason to bomb a plane carrying Nasrallah and other Hezbollah leaders. They changed their tickets at the last minute.

It is also unlikely that Al Qaeda tipped Hezbollah’s people to change planes. They would rather call off the bombing than risk leaking their plans. Hezbollah would have informed the Ethiopians about the plan, since the terrorist group depends on Ethiopia for arms trafficking. Al Qaeda had no incentive at all to blow up an Ethiopian jet.

The bombing plot against Nasrallah might suggest Israeli involvement, but it is our long-standing policy to avoid huge collateral damage.

Texas software engineer Joseph Stack did not fit any terrorist profile, but on a sunny day he flew his plane into the tax administration building in Texas. Apart from the fact that we share Stack’s distaste for the IRS, his terrorist act is a watershed event: there is no security in this world. You can profile Arabs, but the shoe-bomber, the rich kid from Nigeria, and the tax terrorist could not have been intercepted by any feasible means. Private planes are too many, airports are too close to cities, and there is no way to prevent disgruntled individuals from crashing into buildings.

Nation states were built on the promise of wide-scale security for their citizens, but it is clear now that the world has returned to the historical norm—every man must watch his own back.

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