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Defense Secretary Gates declared that Iran’s nuclear program won’t catch the US off guard.

Indeed, everyone in Obama’s administration knows of the Iranians’ plans.

Hamas leader Mashaal has accused Israel of obstructing the Shalit exchange.

Refusing to give in to a terrorist’s demand for the release of hundreds of murderers and a thousand trash prisoners obstructs the exchange in the same way that the screams of a rape victim obstruct consensual sex.

Netanyahu declared, “We will pursue relentlessly the murderers of our children.”

Yeah, really, by allowing hundreds of thousands of tons of cargo into Gaza, making tax transfers to the PA (and by extension, to the Al Aqsa Martyrs), and by keeping those murderers in resort-like jails with satellite TV, cellular phones, and pocket cash allowances.

Jerusalem mayor Barkat declared that the US calls for a construction freeze in East Jerusalem are “a slap in the face.”

Is this the same Barkat who quietly halted all municipal planning for Jewish construction in East Jerusalem two months ago?

Jordan’s princeling Abdullah demanded that Israel “stop unilateral moves in the occupied territories.”

When it ruled the West bank, Jordan banned all universities there—as well as almost all newspapers and all political associations—and killed Palestinians in throngs. Jordan financed thousands of buildings in ghost villages in the West Bank to stake the land.

For Israel to stop making unilateral moves means accepting unilateral moves by the Arabs.

Speaking to AJC, Hillary Clinton called the Iranian nuclear program and Syrian missile deliveries to Hezbollah “real threats to Israel’s security.”

Her administration warned Iran and Syria that America’s commitment to Israeli security is “unshakeable.” (Like it was in 1948 or 1967?)

Nevertheless, the White House prevents Israel from acting on those threats.

Ron Huldai called the haredim “ignorant people growing at an alarming rate and draining our social and economic power.”

Jews growing at an alarming rates? Huldai must be an anti-Semite.

Before complaining about the haredim, who are the demographic backbone of Israel, Jews must first deal with Arabs who are three times more numerous than haredim and receive twenty times more subsidies.

Barkat promises continued construction in the southern and eastern sections of Jerusalem—despite a de facto freeze in municipal planning (which has been formally abandoned) and Netanyahu’s commitment to Hussein Obama.

Lieberman has declared that Israel is ready to lift the Gaza blockade if Hamas will allow the Red Cross to visit Shalit. What? Did we endure massive international condemnation for three years for visitation rights for that leftist darling? The government keeps saying the blockade protects us from arms smuggling into Gaza. If the Red Cross visits Shalit, would it be okay for Hamas to re-arm?

UN chief Ban Ki-Moon murmured that in the absence of a blockade, the Marmara incident would not have occurred. Right. And who cares about the rocket attacks on Israel which would have occurred in the absence of the blockade, had Hamas been allowed an unrestricted arms supply?

Turkey’s deputy FM accused Israel of barbaric behavior toward the Marmara detainees. Nice concern for human rights coming from a country which sanctions the torture of Kurdish insurgents.

Fatah chieftain Abbas called the Marmara raid typical Israeli terror. Right—this is a very Israeli type of terror, for Israel to defend herself. Fatah, on the other hand, practices normal terror.

Turkey’s president has likened the Israeli raid on the Marmara to Al Qaeda terrorism.

Many of the Marmara activists belonged to the IHH, an Al Qaeda-linked group sponsored by the Turkish government.

Rabbi Riskin of Efrat, who is normally very sensible, heaped praise on US Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, his former student at a Hebrew school, describing her as “wise of heart and mind.”

It is odd for a respectable Orthodox rabbi to praise a renegade student who turned out an ultra-liberal, a close friend of ultra-leftist Israeli Justice Aharon Barak, and a major proponent of homosexuals.

Assad declared that Turkey is the best mediator and “the greatest hope” for reaching peace with Israel.

Indeed… a country which almost broke diplomatic relations with Israel.

The pro-Western Lebanese PM called Israel’s loyalty oath ‘racist.’ Never mind that scores of states favor their core ethnic groups in their constitutions.

Lebanon bars Palestinian refugees from over 80 occupations. But that, of course, is not racism.

The US State Department is accusing Syria of destabilizing the Middle East.

Quite an accusation coming from the country that invaded Iraq, brought Hezbollah to power in Lebanon by pushing for democratic elections, likewise made Hamas the elected government, and is now forcing Mubarak to democratize Egypt.

Speaking on a conference call with American Jewish ‘leaders,’ Dan Shapiro related Obama’s response to Israeli construction in East Jerusalem: “This kind of activity is never helpful when it comes to peace negotiations.”

Hussein Obama has lost two major wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as every major international political confrontation. He could do no better than to hug Hugo Chavez and bow down to the Saudi king. All of his initiatives regarding Israel have failed. And yet he lectures battle-hardened Israeli politicians with decades of experience negotiating peace on how to conduct those negotiations.

Peres’ friend, jailed arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti, gave an interview from his cell.

Barghouti, a mass murderer, said that the current Israeli government is not a real peace partner for Fatah (which is a terrorist group, you will recall). Barghouti also accused the Israeli government of terrorism.

The terrorist has suffered no sanctions and will continue granting interviews from his cell. Which marks the difference between him and jailed Jewish patriots.

The French FM called Israeli settlements illegal, which is not news. What is surprising is that France condemns Jewish settlements while forgetting conveniently about the French occupation of Corsica.

It is hard to teach diplomats a lesson. The FM’s comments came even after Arabs almost lynched her cortege in Gaza.

The Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood condemned the newly appointed PM. According to Islamic radicals, he ‘does not respect democratic values.’

Such as, presumably, suicide bombers and female illiteracy.

The EU’s foreign policy chief said that Israel should not be distracted from the peace process by what is happening in Egypt.

Indeed, nothing changes if the Muslim Brotherhood comes to power in Egypt, jump-starts its nuclear program, makes Gaza into a garrison state, unseats Jordan’s monarch, and militarizes Sinai.

Netanyahu told the Daily Telegraph that Israel’s reluctance to abandon the settlements has to do with Sudetenland affair, when the world powers told Czechoslovakia that it had to abandon a part of itself to Germany in order to preserve peace.

That analogy is unsustainable because Israel is more powerful than the PA, while Czechoslovakia was somewhat weaker than Germany.

The Israeli PM cannot bring himself to state the only reason why we cannot abandon the settlements: because the Maker of the Universe gave this land to us.

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