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Olmert’s government negotiates with Putin sale of Jerusalem’s land. Israel doesn’t allow foreigners to own land in Jerusalem. Russians will receive Jerusalem court’s building (the Russian Court) for monetary compensation.
Russians claim Jerusalem court’s buildings based on obscure nineteenth century purchase by a Russian tsar whose family the Russian government had later murdered. Russia did not restitute synagogues it had seized after the 1917 revolution or the property of Jews who perished in Holocaust. Russia supplied Arabs the weapons for every war with Israel, delivered anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles to Syria recently, and builds nuclear reactors in Iran.

Russian Foreign Ministry demanded Hamas-Fatah negotiations. Russia does not consider Hamas a terrorist group. Russia is a major political sponsor of Hamas.
Olmert agreed to give Russia the “Russian Compound” in Jerusalem which was purchased by Russian philanthropic organization in 19th century. Other countries long rejected Russian tsarist-era property claims.

Putin’s regime retaliated against Britain for seeking extradition of the former KGB agent Litvinenko’ murderer. Besides evicting four British diplomats – a move that mirrors the Britain’s – Russia suspended counterterrorism cooperation with Britain and vowed to stop issuing visas to British officials.
In June, Putin attempted to murder in Britain Litvinenko’s boss, Russian ex-oligarch Boris Berezovsky.
The Russian KGB/FSB regime takes Litvinenko’s issue to heart because Litvinenko publicly proved that Putin organized explosions of several buildings in Russia to blame on Chechens and start the Chechen war.

During Abbas’ visit to Moscow, the KGB appointee Putin declared the Palestinian top gangster “the legitimate leader of all Palestinians.” Half the Palestinians supporting Hamas beg to differ.

Russia re-establishes its two abandoned naval bases in Syria.

Russia warned Iran to disclose its nuclear program fully or face suspension of uranium rods supply for its Russian-built Bushehr reactor. Iran can procure uranium rods elsewhere or even produce them itself, and who cares about Iran’s past nuclear activities when it builds a nuclear bomb beyond any doubt? Russia likely seeks some concession from Iran unrelated to its nuclear weapons program.

The KGB state of Russia opposes further sanctions on Iran because they might “increase tension.” Russian move comes even as France endorses tighter sanctions and expects war with Iran. Russian denunciation of sanctions is symbolic: previous sanctions had no effect on Iran and new sanctions would be equally worthless. Russia completes Bushehr nuclear reactor and supplied Iran with advanced air defense system whose only targets are Israeli and American aircraft.
Russia also installed air defense systems in Syria, builds a huge military base in Syria, and condemned recent Israeli attack against Syria which probably aimed at destroying Syrian-North Korean nuclear installations.
Russia supplies advanced weapons including aircraft, missiles, and air-, tank- and missile defense systems to rogue regimes.
Russia put its strategic bombers back on active duty and upgrades its park of ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads.
Russian military budget for procurement is a little bit higher than Israel’s in purchasing parity terms.

After successfully completing nuclear program in Iran, Russia announces cooperation with Egypt on similarly “peaceful” nuclear technology.

Russian oligarch-cum-Israeli politician Gaydamak will pay Israel to transfer the government offices from the “Russian Court” in Jerusalem. Olmert agreed to give the prime land plot in Jerusalem to Russia. The “Russian Court” story started in the nineteenth century when Tsar’s Christian Society purchased the land plot. Russian government is not a heir to that society. No country recognized Russia’s rights to tsar’s foreign property. Israel confiscated even some of the Vatican holdings. Russia confiscated synagogues and the real estate which belonged to Jews annihilated in Holocaust. Yet, Olmert agreed to give Russia the “Russian Court” provided that Russia compensates Israel for transferring the government offices elsewhere.

Bush’s Administration refused to ratify an amended Conventional Forces in Europe treaty, demanding that Russia first withdraws its forces from Georgia and Moldova’s Transnistria. Bush’s demands are irrelevant to the US security or national interests. Russia retaliated by suspending its participation in the CFE treaty.

Thanks to the Rice bugging Russian with minuscule ABM defenses in Eastern Europe and similarly declarative military means, Russia put its nuclear ballistic missiles back on duty, resumed European flights of nuclear strategic bombers, and now sent its aircraft carrier group into the Mediterranean. Some of the Russian Navy ships will be stationed in Syria.

According to Putin’s associate Sergey Stepashin, Russian-”Jewish” moguls Abramovich and Gaydamak will pay the Israeli government to move from the Russian Courtyard in Jerusalem, and abandon the place to Russian charity which claims succession rights to a century-old monarchic organization. No other country recognized Russia’s right to tzar’s property abroad. Putin finds sadistic pleasure in making the Jews pay the other Jews to give Jerusalem land to Russians.

Putin’s associate Dmitry Medvedev is touted as Russia’s next president, an umbrella for Putin’s continued rule as prime minister. Medvedev maintains superficial contacts with Russian Jewish organizations, but shrinks from truly religious and nationalist organizations. Historically, some of the worst anti-Semites had Jewish roots.

Olmert government gave away a major piece of real estate in Jerusalem, Sergiev Courtyard to Russia because the long-dissolved Russian tzar’s private charity bought the place in the nineteenth century.
Russia sold anti-aircraft missiles to Iran and Syria.

Russian Tax Police illegally but sensibly arrested a notorious Jewish criminal, Israeli citizen Seva Mogilevich. A few years ago, FBI failed to out Mogilevich behind bars forever. Now Mogilevich, arguably the major Russian mobster irritated Putin enough to put him in jail on charges of tax evasion of the company Mogilevich owns informally. Or that may be Putin’s trick, as Russian president run out of Jewish oligarchs to imprison.
Mogilevich supplied Russian weapons to Muslim countries at war with Israel.

In the presidential elections, communist party leader, a vicious anti-Semite Zyuganov received at least 18% of the vote.
Putin’s protege Medvedev predictably won. The fact that Putin relinquished control over the Russian empire and placed himself into a subordinate position (prime minister) to generally tough Medvedev once again proves that Russia is run by a force which commands both Putin and Medvedev. If he were independent, Putin would have certainly changed the constitution to allow himself the third presidential term or to shift the state power to prime minister before becoming one. Apparently, Putin was told to play it nice and step down from the presidential office.
Who is that force, we can guess easily. Putin exercises unimpeded control over both FSB and oligarchs, and so the force can be only external: the US Administration. Months before the Russian elections, Condi Rice boosted Putin’s stance among Russians with otherwise silly micro-installation of anti-ballistic missiles in Poland and Czech. Useless in strategic terms, the ABM allowed Putin to take anti-American stance so popular with Russian voters. Putin started his term with Chechen war, and fittingly ended it with ABM crisis.
Only the US Administration can guarantee Putin safety of the tens of billions of dollars he holds in his foreign bank accounts and shares.

to sign a visa-free travel agreement between Israel and Russia.
Russian FM Lavrov, our new friend, also met Assad and Mashaal.

After meeting Assad, Russian FM offered Olmert to hold an Annapolis-like peace show in Moscow. Russia bullies Israel on behalf of its client Syria. Russian FM refused to confront Syria on arms shipments to Hezbollah.

halt the settlements.
Russians, of course, did not blockade Chechnya but merely murdered a hundred thousand people there. Russians, certainly, do not engage in settlement activity, but just invade the countries they like.

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