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peace process

If the revolution means overturning Israeli government, then the EU got it right. Arabs lost all wars with Israel, and now agree to recognize her. They just ask to make Israel an Arab state by flooding her with the descendants of 1948′ refugees. The new peace initiative is a copy of 2002 offer.

Since Israel is all for peace with Arabs, only technical issues remain. Quartet seeks Israeli concessions on minor outstanding issues: return of 3.5 million descendants of the 1948 refugees and partitioning of Jerusalem.

proposes third-part control over Jewish holy sites, end to archeological excavations. The report declares Jerusalem “the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” though Palestinian Arabs have no historical connection with the city and weren’t for peace before 1967 when Jordan occupied Jerusalem.

promises talks after Israel accepts the return of millions Arab refugees.

wants to negotiate Saudi plan on the peace process. Arab League conducts a conference in Damascus on strengthening the boycott of Israel.

Egypt remains skeptical Israel would accept Saudi “peace plan” which calls for return of millions of refugees and partition of Jerusalem with Palestinians.

Arab leaders will be convincing Livni to accept Saudi peace initiative which demands the return of fourth-generation descendants of Arab refugees and partition of Jerusalem. Olmert reportedly discusses the final issues of Palestinian statehood with Abu Mazen. Olmert shelved the IDF’s plan of a military operation in Gaza to avoid disrupting the peace process.

The plan contains admittedly unacceptable for Israel demands, such as a solution for the Palestinian refugees of 60 years ago and partition of Jerusalem. Arab countries refuse to step back on their demands. Saudi peace plan is meant to show the West Arab goodwill and put the blame on Israel, while assuring that Israel cannot agree to such a peace. Weeks ago, the Arab League met in Damascus to discuss strengthening boycott of Israel.

This time – for not accepting the Saudi peace plan which calls for partition of Jerusalem, abandoning the Golan Heights, and invited millions of grandchildren of the 1948 Arab refugees.

will meet Joran’s Abdullah in Petra even though Jordan supports Saudi peace plan which is contrary to Quartet’s plan.

Amr Moussa declined Olmert’s invitation to hold peace talks between Israel and the Arab League. Olmert, a shrewd politician, countered the media effect of Saudi peace plan which amounts to Israeli capitulation to Arab enemies who have lost all wars. Olmert offered Arabs direct peace talks in Jerusalem, knowing full well they will refuse.
Hamas and Fatah arranged today yet another truce, and broke it within minutes.

America, Russia, UN, and EU issued a joint statement in Berlin calling on the Palestinians to end civil war and renounce violence against Israel. The Quartet statement signals toleration of Israeli invasion of Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister related any discussions on Arab peace initiative with Arabs’ ability to carry on their peaceful promises So far, Arab states failed to quash violence in Gaza and Palestinian missile attacks against Israel. Olmert declared that Israel will only consider Saudi peace initiative if Arab governments deal with the Palestinians to stop Kassam attacks from Gaza.

Ex-British Prime Minister, now the Quartet’s Middle East envoy Tony Blair called creating a Palestinian state essential for the regional peace. Possibly, Blair missed a raging war in Iraq, nuclear program in Iran, immense military purchases by Saudi Arabia, re-armament by Syria, military buildup in Egypt – none of which bears a slightest relation to Palestinian statehood.
Blair will push Israel for withdrawing from Judea and Samaria in the ethereal expectation that such a move will somehow pacify the Middle East.

The Quartet’s new envoy Tony Blair – Britain’s ousted PM and a socialist – met various peace activists in Israel, including Peres and Livni, before heading to shake hands with Abu Mazen. It is not clear what exactly Blair can arrange that Israel cannot discuss directly with the Palestinian Fatah gangsters.
Blair mis-identified nuclear Iran as the biggest threat to the Middle East. Rather, the biggest threat to the region is the worldwide community which imposes on Israel the peace solutions bound to cause a mega-war.

Egyptian Foreign Minister spoke with Shimon Peres about the Saudi peace plan which Saudi Arabia has already renounced.

Egyptian and Jordanian foreign ministers offered Israel full recognition by Arab states in exchange for Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, and Judea and Samaria, including the settlement blocs. Iran did not agree to recognize Israel, and Saudi Arabia backed away from its peace plan. It remains unclear why would Israel care about recognition by some Bedouin who proudly call themselves Arab nations.

Israel and Fatah will again agree on the Palestinian borders and postpone the issues which broke negotiations before: Jerusalem, settlements, and refugees.
Abbas told Rice he agrees to discuss the peace principles with Israel. So nice of the top gangster.

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